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Spotlight: Effortless, A Legacy Novel by Bethany-Kris

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Camilla Donati doesn’t do relationships—it’s just not her thing. She wants a fun time, not a long time. She might be exactly what Tommaso Rossi needs to make his vacation from the responsibilities as a Capo, a break worth taking.

He didn’t expect to find a woman like her with a mind full of filth.

She didn’t expect a man who would shatter all of her rules with only a grin.

Chicago keeps calling Tommaso home, and further out of reach from the one thing he wants more than ever. Camilla’s restless heart keeps getting in the way even when it’s stuck between what is, and what could be.

This should have been easy.

It didn’t have to be messy.

Falling in love is effortless.

It’s people who make it hard.

Effortless: A Legacy Novel is a standalone contemporary erotic romance.



“About the club thing—”

Camilla held up a single finger to shush her brother without saying a word. She took a long sip from the coffee he’d handed over in a to-go mug from her cupboards. The creamy, sweet drink perked her up just enough to be agreeable.

“Never talk to me before coffee, Cross. You know this.”

Her brother’s familiar brown gaze rolled upward. He navigated the city streets to head east. Breakfast at a Newport restaurant on Saturdays was a new thing their parents wanted to do ever since Cross came home from Chicago a couple of months earlier.

“How’d you get into the club?” her brother asked.

Camilla smiled slyly. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Do you know the security at the door, or did someone get you a fake ID?”



She shrugged. “Guess we’re going to pretend like you weren’t the biggest trouble making shit on the planet from the time you were thirteen, huh?”

Cross cleared his throat. “This is not about me. It’s about you. I’m … looking out for you. Yeah, that works.”

“Bullshit. I paid Zeke.”

“I knew that bastard got you a fake ID,” Cross bitched under his breath.

Her brother’s best friend was way off-limits for Camilla in any kind of way—though he was cute, and probably a good time—because the guy treated her like a little sister. A side effect of having grown up around the guy since she was born.

“Be nice. He was looking out for me since you were in Chicago and all.”

Cross nodded. “Right, by getting you into clubs.”

“Like you never used to go into clubs with Catherine Marcello when she wasn’t legal age?”

Her brother stiffened in the driver’s seat of his Porsche at the mention of his ex. Camilla half-smiled to herself, but hid it by taking another drink of coffee. The best way to get Cross off a topic of conversation was to put his ex into it.

“At least it was just August in your bed this morning.”

Camilla snorted. “I apologized for the guy, Cross.”

“He had nothing on, Camilla.”

“And the girl,” she added. “I apologized for her, too.”

That was the first time her brother found out Camilla didn’t have a preference when it came to hooking up with somebody. As long as the guy or girl was going to be a good time, she was all for it. They had to be gone by morning, or soon after—that was her deal.

Camilla didn’t do relationships. She was too young, and having too much fun being nineteen, in college, and out on her own to settle down with somebody. Any relationship she did dabble in was done almost as soon as it started.

She found boys to be like toys. Fun to look at, cool to play with, but then she quickly lost interest. Although, she had never gotten into a relationship beyond sex with a woman, she figured it would probably end up being the same.

Camilla’s interest just couldn’t be kept for longer than it took to have an orgasm … or five.

That didn’t stop people from trying, though.

“I mean,” Cross said, glancing over at his sister, “the girl definitely wasn’t too bad to look at other than the fact she tried to kill me with one of your crystals. You know, when she threw it at my fucking head.”

Camilla laughed.

So she had an active sex life. Her brother liked to pick on her about it sometimes, but he never made her feel like she was doing something wrong. He never shamed her for the choices she made, and instead, only asked if she was safe and okay.

She loved her brother for that, really.

“She thought you were breaking into my place or something,” Camilla said.

“Because we don’t look like siblings at all,” Cross replied wryly.

He was right. The two shared the dominate Donati features, but where Cross took a stronger, more masculine version, Camilla was the lighter, feminine side. He was sharp lines, and she was soft curves. She barely reached five-foot-six in heels, while he towered over six feet. Her brother smiled, and showed off cut-from-stone cheekbones, and she carried her mother’s delicate nose and petite figure.

A person couldn’t miss how much the two looked similar, though.

“Maybe she thought you were going to try to join in or something,” Camilla said. “Some people are freaky like that—the whole sibling get up, you know.”

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