Spotlight: Make Me by Kaye Blue


They might make a great team … if they don’t kill each other first.

Cree Manning loves everything about being an attorney … except her colleague, Aaron. He may be an actual prince, but he’s also used to coasting through life on his good looks and status. Aaron's hot enough to melt ice, but his arrogance and more than questionable work ethic drive her up a wall.

His Royal Highness, Aaron Sarda, is third in line to the throne…which means his role in the Kingdom of Medina is mostly ornamental. He hates feeling useless, and working with Cree has taught him that he hates being looked down on even more. Sure, she’s gorgeous, but she’s also rigid, overbearing, and utterly immune to his charm. 

The tension between them only gets stronger when Cree and Aaron are partnered on an important case. There’s a big promotion riding on the outcome, so Cree has to keep it together and stay professional. But what is she supposed to do when the temptation to smack Aaron becomes the urgent need to kiss him?


“It means I know you’re not up to the challenge, Aaron. You’re afraid of competing against me because you know you don’t have a chance. Too bad the executive committee didn’t pit you against someone less able to exploit your…deficiencies,” I said.

Even though I wasn’t entirely sure they were true, I spoke the words with cool precision and then waited for Aaron to respond.

He didn’t, not immediately, but when he did, it certainly wasn’t in the way I had expected.

He leaned back, his hands casually holding the chair arms, giving me a view of their strong, tanned backs, the sprinkling of dark hair peeking from under his jacket sleeve.

My reaction was overwhelming, the tension in my nipples, the subtle clench of my sex instantaneous.

I chalked that up to a natural reaction to Aaron’s looks. It was that and nothing more. I wouldn’t allow it to be. So I ignored my body’s response and decided, perhaps unwisely, to keep my gaze locked on his.

The intensity of the moment was almost breathtaking, neither of us willing to give an inch, tension building with each second that passed. I waited, my breath frozen in my lungs, my mind racing as I waited for what would come next.

And then it came.

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About the Author

Kaye writes sizzling, sexy romance featuring alpha males and the women who love them.

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