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Spotlight: The Firstborn Prince by Virginia Nelson


Foster Boyd wants control of the family business before his brother’s escapades ruin their reputation. Since he can’t force his brother out, he needs to distract him--or reform him. Where can he find a woman willing to do anything to save his business?

Natalie Stolen was at the top of her game as image consultant to the stars. But when one of her client’s reveals a juicy secret, the media went on a feeding frenzy, taking down Natalie’s career faster than she could say “scandal.” Now in dire straits, she’s been given an offer she can’t refuse…

But what happens when the woman you hired to distract your brother is the only woman you can’t stop thinking about?


Once she got to the full-length mirror in the bathroom, she cringed. Yeah, nothing said sexy like pink and purple flannel pajama pants topped with a gray tank top that had a hole just under her left tit. If the outfit didn’t mark her as unfuckable, the fact that she wore a crusty black mask that pulled her skin taut under her hair... good god, my hair.

It was a mess. Her usually untamed mane of waves was pulled into a glob on top of her head that looked a lot like a bird’s nest and nothing like the sexy, messy look so many models accomplished online. The only way she could look less attractive would have been if she had…

Oh, yeah, look there. A little spaghetti sauce stain on the right breast. Complete unfuckability achieved.

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About Virginia Nelson

USA Today Bestselling Author Virginia Nelson is the hybrid author best known for The Penthouse Prince. Aside from that, she’s the mother of three wonderful biological children and tons of adopted kids and critters. Virginia is a graduate of Kent State University with an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in English and a current student at Seton Hill University where she’s pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction. Sometimes called the rainbow unicorn of romance, she’s also far from perfect and she knows it. You can find out more about her—including where to find her on social media—on her website.

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