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Spotlight: Holden's Regrets by Diane Zparkki


Ever since they were kids, Shannon has been in love with her best friend's old brother, Holden. She once hoped that Holden would come to his senses and accept that they are meant to be together.

Holden, on the other hand, only ever saw Shannon as his kid sister's best friend, and a royal pain with her crush. That was, until one night in college when his sister and Shannon visited him. That was when Holden saw Shannon for the beautiful, vibrate young woman she had grown into.

When he returned home from college, he planned to declare his feelings to her; to tell her that he realized what he had been denying all these years and to give them a chance. However, he was too late. Shannon had finally taken the hint and moved on, dating another man, one she agreed to marry. The only place left for Holden was in the friend zone.

In a turn of fate, circumstances change and Shannon feels like she has no choice but to leave town with a secret of her own. Holden, meanwhile, will do anything to mend their friendship and hopefully build it into something more.

Will Holden be able to handle the surprises that are coming his way and continue to love Shannon the way he really wants to? Can Shannon trust the man who drove her out of her home and hurt her yet again?


Chapter Two



y head was banging like the devil himself was trying to get out. I struggled to open my eyes, but I just couldn’t do it, so I lay there, feeling the room spin, only wearing my boxers. I knew one of the boys from the Dragons MC had dropped my drunk-ass off at home again, and I cringed at the thought that I hadn’t taken my clothes off by myself. My baby sister and my brother’s girlfriend had probably undressed me and taken care of me throughout the night. Without opening an eye, I could guarantee there would be a plastic trash bin by the bedside, which I had never used, and a glass of water with pain relievers on the side table. This was becoming a habit I wasn’t proud of, but one that couldn’t be helped. It was the only thing that dulled my pain.

I woke up a few hours later feeling no better. I sat with my feet off the side of the bed and reached for the pills, not even having to look, knowing they would be there. Then I staggered over to my bathroom, held myself up on either side of the sink, and slowly looked at myself in the mirror, disgusted at who I had become in the last few months.

I had a full-grown beard, which was unkempt, and my hair was long and shaggy. The bags under my eyes told their own story of alcohol-filled nights and hangovers.

“Fuck you,” I told my reflection as I connected my fist with the mirror.

I let the shattered shards of glass fall around me, my reflection now cracked, depicting how I felt.

Moving into the shower, I let the warm water run down my neck and back. Looking down, I watched as the blood from my fist streamed down the drain. I felt numb. Not even the throbbing in my hand did anything for me.

When I was done with the shower, I dressed and wrapped my hand in a towel before heading downstairs to get some caffeine in my system, hoping it would soothe my pounding head. I also made myself some toast to settle my stomach.

I could see Liz, Logan, and Jaxon out on the deck, having an intense conversation. Logan and Liz had their backs to me while Jaxon faced them. It seemed odd that their conversation held them so captive that they didn’t see me moving around the kitchen.

I leaned against the counter closest to the screen door, trying to listen to what they were saying, their voices competing with the pounding in my head.

“You have to talk to her. Get her to agree to see Sydney. She’s worried enough that she asked Titus to find her,” Jaxon told Liz.

“I know your frustration, and I’ve tried, but Shannon isn’t ready yet. I can only guess she’s afraid of Sydney’s reaction. I’m going to see her this weekend. I’ll try to at least get her to give Sydney a call. That might be a compromise for them both for the time being,” Liz suggested.

“What the fuck?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Liz knew where Shannon was?

It had been over a month since Shannon picked up and disappeared, saying she was going to transfer to another university. Nobody had heard from her since. Her parents had moved out in June, and then Shannon had left a few weeks after them—I guessed the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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About the Author

I was born and raised in the greater Toronto area and raised my own family in the suburbs of the city. I'm a busy working mom with writing being my second full time job. With my husband, we have raised three great kids. Who constantly keep me on my toes and laughing. I enjoy planning themed parties and traveling with my family creating memories. Thrill seeking of some sort is always on the menu which I usually drags my family along with me. Going to the movies is always a good night out or curling up with a book and a steaming cup of tea. I have been known to do some Netflix binge watching.

I was never a big reader or writer in my youth-Coles Notes were my best friend throughout college. My enthusiasm for reading came later in life when I joined a book club. I enjoyed reading those initial books that got me hooked into the literary world, but I wanted raw, simple, and happily ever after with a bit of get down and dirty. That was when my love for Alpha bad boys on a Harley was set in motion.

After becoming an avid reader, my mind started to create my first story, and I needed to get it out.

Fixing Sydney and Holden's Regrets are the first two of Branson's Kind of Love Trilogy. I hope you enjoy Sydney and Holden's stories with Logan's coming in the near future.

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