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Spotlight: Joanna's Destiny by Karen J. Mossman


Struggling with the past, Joanna can’t forget the love she lost and the man who broke her heart. During the summer at a rock festival, Joanna meets him again. Niko is now an international rock star. Can they put the past behind them and rekindle the love they once had?

Mike stood by her when no one else did, but Niko still wants her. Joanna becomes entangled in a web of lies and deceit. Niko is the love of her life, but she cannot leave Mike in confusion and betrayal.

In Joanna’s Destiny, she has some fun times in France and mingles with the stars in Montreux. With a backdrop of music and fashion, emotions and friendships are tested. But her love for Niko never falters, showing that love can conquer all, but at what cost?


The After show Party

The doorway wasn’t crowded with photographers, and Joanna was relieved. They were shown into a vast ballroom highly decorated with coloured lighting, lanterns, streamers and balloons. Waiters wandered around with trays of champagne and canapés and tables filled with a variety of food and drink.

“Oh, wow,” enthused Kim, looking around. “This is quite something. Come on, let’s mingle.” Kim helped herself to some champagne from a passing waiter.

“You two go ahead,” said Joanna. “I’m going to find Niko.”

Lee Chapman, from Colour Me Purple, came over as Niko had introduced them at the concert. He was charming, but his broad Scottish accent made him difficult to understand. He, in turn, introduced her to Gary Faith, lead singer of the Faith Brothers. His Scouse accent reminded her of Brookside, the television programme set in Liverpool.

Joanna was utterly unaware of how beautiful she looked.

Gary Jones, who had been covering the event for the BBC was a native of Manchester, too.

“You chatting up my girl, Gary?” said Niko, his arm encircling Joanna’s waist.

“Yes, a fellow Mancunian!” he waved at someone and excused himself.

Niko kissed her forehead. “Honey, you look gorgeous, and everyone’s asking who you are.”

“Really?” Joanna smiled, her arms going around his waist. “Did you tell them I was with you?”

“Sure did.” Niko was looking particularly handsome wearing a smart jacket, a white collarless shirt, and dark turn-up trousers.

As the evening progressed, Joanna knew it would be one she would remember forever. It had the glitz, the sparkle and the atmosphere that made everything just perfect.

She giggled a lot and drank plenty of champagne. Niko introduced her to his friends, his arm fixed around her waist. She loved the attention, unaware how striking she and Niko appeared standing together. Occasionally he went off to talk to somebody, while she danced, chatted, or drank.

Niko kept appearing back by her side asking if was all right and whether she was having a good time. They danced and smooched together looking adoringly into each other’s eyes. People turned to watch and raised their eyebrows. Who was this girl who had seemingly caught the heart of Niko D’Angelo?

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About the Author


Karen J Mossman is a grandmother, but these days that is not as old as it sounds. A grandmother can be as young as thirty-two. 
Karen laughs, “It’s a long time since I was thirty two, but we are who we are, and I have two beautiful grandchildren and a third on the way, so being a grandmother is fine.”

Besides writing, Karen is an avid reader and book blogger. She also loves to cross stitch and is devoted to her Yorkshire Terrier, Tilly. Living on the small island of Anglesey, just off the north Wales coast, she has plenty of nearby beaches to walk with her dog and draw inspiration for stories in her head, which may, or may not come to fruition one day.

Back in 1980 Karen married the boy next door and 38 years later, it’s a decision she has never regretted! She has two grandchildren with a third due in October.

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