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Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I Thought to Look by Emily T. Wierenga

Emily Wierenga left home at age eighteen with no intention of ever returning.

Broken down by organized religion, a childhood battle with anorexia, and her parents' rigidity, she set out to find God somewhere else—anywhere else. Her travels took her across three continents in buses, cars, and planes, across mountains and over deep blue seas.

What she hadn't realized was that her faith was waiting for her the whole time—in the place she least expected it.

Poignant and passionate, Atlas Girl is a deeply personal story of the yearning we all share to be truly known, entirely forgiven, and utterly loved.

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 7/1/2014
Pages: 288

Virtue Falls by Christina Dodd

What So Proudly We Hailed: Francis Scott Key, A Life by Marc Leepson