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Review: The Stolen Dragon of Quanx: The Eyes Trilogy by Becca Mann


In Quanx, there is no hiding who you are.... In a land of tribes where people are defined by the color of their eyes, disaster is ready to strike. With peace barely hanging by a thread, the King of Vitchreonyo makes a risky decision. What he doesn't know is that his plan may not end how he thinks.... Then Kale, a fisherman's daughter, is trapped in a tunnel where she makes a shocking discovery. And that discovery may very well lead to the destruction of her entire world. Kale takes up a challenge of following a path forbidden to her in a race to save Quanx from a tribe of conniving dragons. With the help of three uncooperative companions, Kale must steal a dragon egg or die trying. The Stolen Dragon of Quanx is the first novel in The Eyes Trilogy, a compelling new series that will pull you into a fascinating world...and leave you breathlessly waiting for the sequel!


The Stole Dragon of Quanx was an extremely creative story that obviously the author Becca Mann put a lot of time into. The plot was exceptionally strong and entertaining, there was never a dull moment while reading this lengthy novel. 

The plot is what drove the novel. I believe that the characters may have been meant to be the focus but The Stolen Dragon of Quanx was more heavily focused on the plot due to the fact that it was more interesting. 

I believe that there are a few changes that could have been made to make this story really excel as a young readers novel. I found that throughout reading there were too many characters introduced that were simply unnecessary and given their very unusual and difficult names, it made it very hard as a reader to comprehend. It took more time trying to figure out who was important versus which characters were just being briefly introduced than to read the 322 page novel. 

I also found that another round of proof reading would have really benefitted the book. There were a few occasions where characters were being referred to by different pronouns, leaving an added layer of confusion with the characters and their gender. Specifically in one passage, the character Paka was “he” in one sentence then followed by “she.” 

I believe that The Stole Dragon of Quanx was a strong book in regards to the plot, which really was the driving force to push the reader through the book. With minor changes, it could be much more accessible and widely read with younger readers. 

Reviewed by Rachel Keane

Pages: 397 pages
Publisher: Shark Tooth Publishing (October 26, 2014)


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