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Review: Save Us a Seat by Fletcher McHale


Book Summary

In the small country town of Bon Dieu Falls, Louisiana, Carrigan Whitfield leads a life many would love to have. But this young wife of the much-sought-after and wealthy Jack Whitfield feels uneasy in her marriage. Things have gotten complicated during the last two years, and Carrigan wonders if they still love each other. They seem more like strangers who share a residence.

Her days revolve around having fun with her lifelong best friends, the two anchors in her life, Ella Rae Weeks and Laine Landry, playing sandlot softball and juggling an affair ... or two. Laine is constantly trying to save Carrigan from self-destruction.

But on an idyllic summer day, a shocking and unexpected discovery turns Carrigan's "perfect" life into a tumultuous storm and transforms a girl into a woman. As the journey comes to an end, Carrigan discovers hope can sometimes be found in the most unlikely places.

Save Us a Seat provides a glimpse into both the joys and challenges of friendship.


Save Us A Seat, was one of those books that you knew from the beginning was going to be a really good read. Not to sound cliché or anything but you literally feel like a seat was saved for you, inviting you into a book where you get pulled into the characters, not wanting to stop reading. Not that I am saying this book can’t be for men, but I feel this is one of those books that women would love more. There is something special about the way McHale effortlessly weaves their story where it just makes your heart smile. The women in the book are definitely ones that you can relate to on so many levels, not just because of who they are but their experiences as well. These are real women, with identifiable voices and experiences that will resonate and move you. Once you start reading, there is this instant connection as if you are hanging out with your girlfriends.

For me, the best part of the book was the beautiful friendship between Carrigan, Ella Rae and Laine. You just want to be their friend. They have the kind of friendship that we can only dream of and make you appreciate how important it is to have friends that genuinely love and care about you. Carrigan and Ella Rae are more similar in personalities but Laine is the anchor of the friendship. She is the one that if they are going over the ledge, she is there to protect and save them. The beauty in their friendship told through their story makes you fall in love with them from the first page. You feel a warm embrace into their lives that just makes you want to naturally connect with them. Through all of these good times in the book, there will come a moment that will change everything and leave you a little heartbroken but it is the lesson that you will learn from that moment on that will stay with you after you finish.

Then we have Carrigan and Jack. Living in a small town can be rough when everyone knows your business. They have an interesting back story of how they came together but undoubtedly he knew Carrigan was the one for him. Unfortunately, when you are the kind of guy that it seems like whom all the women want, it doesn’t make things any easier when there are rumors about you, the town betting against the longevity your marriage, it can take a toll on anyone. These two had me conflicted with my feelings toward them in the beginning because of what they individually do but as you get into the book, and get to know them, you fall in love with their journey and with their struggle you root for resolution. Their experience is such a great example of a real relationship who on the surface to everyone appears to be perfect but has it flaws. With those flaws and her insecurities, suspicions, assumptions and secrets, it had led to their love being questionable. Then a moment presents itself that changes the course of their relationship and it’s that journey that leads them to a place that becomes introspective and embraces the possibilities of second chances.

This is the kind of book that giving away too much will ruin your experience. I’m telling you that you will love this book because it is one of the genuine stories that are sincere, honest and speak directly to you. Her characters are engaging and their story will grab your emotions sending you through laughter and tears. If you are lucky to have a best friend that you truly love, after reading this, not only will you want to hug them forever but you will appreciate their true value in your life. I would highly recommend this book to read and I think it presents topics in the book that would be a great discussion for a book club. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services (September 3, 2013)

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