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Review: Dolls Behaving Badly by Cinthia Ritchie

Book Summary
Carla Richards is a lot of things. She's a waitress at Anchorage's premier dining establishment, Mexico in an Igloo; an artist who secretly makes erotic dolls for extra income; a divorcee who can't quite detach from her ex-husband; and a single mom trying to support her gifted eight-year-old son, her pregnant sister, and her babysitter-turned-resident-teenager.

She's one overdue bill away from completely losing control-when inspiration strikes in the form of a TV personality. Now she's scribbling away in a diary, flirting with an anthropologist, and making appointments with a credit counselor.

Still, getting her life and dreams back on track is difficult. Is perfection really within reach? Or will she wind up with something even better?

If you are a woman, grab this book for yourself, or a friend. Not only is this book funny and makes you blush here or there but with each of the characters you see yourself or someone you know. You find yourself affirming to a thought or reacting to an experience as if this was about you or them.

If you like Bridget Jones, than you are going to love Carla Richards. As a woman, you really can connect with the characters because it is written from the point of view of the main character through journal entries which makes it more honest, personal and realistic. You get so engrossed in their lives from the beginning that you feel like you know them personally by the end of the book. There is definitely something for everyone. 
Carla, a single mom who is divorced but like her ex can't let go, has a child who is extremely smart. Just like everyone else is doing what you have to do to survive by trying to pay the bills, comes across an ad for an adult website and secretly makes dolls to have more income. So like so many other women in her situation, lives to support their children they push aside their own dreams and goals. After being inspired by a Oprah like personality, she starts to write a journal that helps her with her journey to find happiness and reach her own goals.

Sandee, her best friend wants love and happiness but is afraid of it at the same time. She was married and her husband just left one day with no answer to why. She dates losers but finds one that she finds happiness with but is afraid to face it. 

Laurel, Carla's sister, has everything on the surface. I say she is a bit of a snob. She has a nice big home, great job, a husband but is unhappy. Like so many other women who people look on the outside and wish they had their life but behind those walls it's not as wonderful as it looks. Goes out and tries to find happiness by having an affair that turns bad. She experiences the consequences of such decision which brings her down a few notches that forces her to experience life at a more humble level.

Stephanie, the babysitter, with her quick wit and isms is beyond her years is absolutely hysterical. A product of a home that is not very stable, she becomes a part of the family. Like so many teens that have to grow up fast because of the choices of their parents, she brings a fresh perspective to the story that really is enjoyable to read.

So, with that sneak bit of some of the characters, there is so much to enjoy without giving anything away. These women can be anyone you know. I think it gives so many women out there a chance to see their thoughts and feelings on paper that some will never be able to say. That truth gives the book that validity of you are not alone and your story is just like mine, what did you do to find your rainbow? That's what makes this more enjoyable. Like I said before, because the main character took a job making erotic dolls, you might find yourself blushing here or there but ultimately you will find yourself just laughing because it is so funny. I promise you won't be disappointed. Not only will you laugh and be rooting for them but you will just absolutely be thoroughly entertained. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: 2/5/13
Pages: 352

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