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Review: My Boyfriend the Squire by Tracy Kauffman

On her way to see her brother in Italy, Lucinda finds herself unexpectedly back in time to the Middle Ages. Unsure and confused by what is happening, she is mistakened to be Princess Grace. Without a clue to how to return back to her own life, she is befriended by a handsome young squire name Chadwick, who teaches her everything she needs to know and tries to help her find the answer she so desperately needs. 

On the way to show Lucinda his special place, they run into a tiger named Char. Char is Countess Hildegarde, who is wife of King Charlamagne. They learn that not only was she turned into a tiger by her husband the King but he also had something to do with the disappearance of her daughter Princess Grace. Praying for answers and her safe return, Lucinda learns that because of her resemblance to her daughter, she was brought here to help discover the truth of what really happened. While trying to help Lucinda, Chad finds himself falling her. A plan is devised, the King gets defeated and Lucinda finds her way back to her life. 

When Lucinda returns to her life and gets to see her brother, she is taken back by his friend Chad, who resembles Chadwick. With an immediate connection, he thinks he is Chadwick but learns that they are related by ancestors. As they fall in love, they are tested by distance, an unexpected trip back and difficult tragedy. Will their love withstand all?

I must say before I read the book, there was a certain predictability of what I thought it would be because of the Middle Ages theme but I was so wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and couldn't stop reading. After the first chapter, you get so swept away with the storyline that you don't want to put the book down. Tracy wrote her characters in a way that you feel what they feel and are going through the experiences as it is happening. Even though this book is geared towards young adults, this is one of the stories that seem timeless and ageless. There is this magical feeling that captures your imagination as you share the journey with Lucinda as she experiences life, love and lost.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Release Date: 1/24/13
Pages: 108

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