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Review: Blue Sky July by Nia Wyn

This beautifully written memoir, Blue Sky July, is a true testament to a mother’s love for her child. When she and her husband were preparing for their new baby, they were just like any other expecting parents out there. When she noticed that something wasn’t right, doctors assured her everything was fine and dismissed it over and again but tests confirmed the discovery of a severe disability. Doctors told her that her child would never walk, talk, speak or know who they were. She was determined to prove them wrong. 

Through an honest open journal of her daily interactions with her son over the first seven years of his life, we see an incredible woman fight to beat the odds. She gave up her life to try everything and anything she could do to help make his life better. Despite the medical opposition, he ultimately surpassed all their initial assumptions. He is everything that they said he could never be. 

Her resilience and dedication to her son was inspiring and gives hope to any parent out there who is going through the same experience. The leaps and bounds he achieved because of her gives hope to those who may have none. There are many people who give up and cannot cope but after reading this amazing book, it can offer some comfort and inspiration.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

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