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Review: It's All Well With My Soul, The Extraordinary Life of a 105 Year Old Woman by Emma Mae Cheeks Johnson with Patricia Mulhany

Sometimes you come across a book that really makes you appreciate the life you have in despite of what the obstacles that you may be facing. This book was about a really incredible woman, Emma Mae Cheeks Johnson, who happened to pass away last year at 106. What a really amazing life to really define living life to the fullest. Here is a woman, who came up through all the definable moments in our history and literally lived to tell about it.

When we pick up a book that talks about the past, usually all we get is a sense of just what happened. As you read this book, not only to you feel like you are reliving each moment with her but you feel like you were right there. Her wisdom, good heart, the love that she had for people and her family really permeated every page. Each page you turned, you just wanted to know more. You felt what she felt and rarely do we come across genuine wonderful people but it was really nice.

What a great book to inspire and that for a woman who came up in a time where limitations and obstacles surrounded her life, she not only worked hard to achieve the best life but also lived every moment to make it the best possible.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 3/31/10
Pages: 224

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