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Review: January Sun by Richard Stengel

After reading this book, it really puts life in a real perspective. Many people take for granted life especially if you are an American, the day the day luxuries that we never think about compared to someone who may live somewhere across the world. Our individual rights, freedom of speech, going and doing and living as an individual seems fit is something we know nothing beyond for many of us. 

When you look at history and you think about what so many different types of people went through, you think about how awful certain periods of time were and you become very grateful that is not your current existence. When I started reading this book, I was thinking this is probably a long time ago but it wasn't. It was within the last thirty years. It was shocking and hurts in a way because I wish so many people could have the kind of life we have but is it right for everyone.

There is a passage in the book that totally sums up something many people outside of the US feel. One of the people in the book stated, "He views the United States as the principal exploiter of the Third World and seems to think that if America did not exist, the Third World would thrive." Hold this thought in your head.

This book followed three families who were Black, White, and Indian. What I loved about this book was how as you read, you really get to know them individually. You get their thoughts, feelings, and history. You really get a great grasp of all their existences collectively. This is a society that was judged solely based on who they are. He did a really great job with bringing these pages alive. 

That statement I mentioned before about how he felt. That seems to be felt by everyone. What was interesting throughout the book was that no matter how much they were oppressed and treated so bad because of who they are, they were individually happy with who they were and their own individual cultures. 

I truly recommend you reading this book. It is so moving and inspiring. When you finish reading this book, you will really look at your life differently.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 3/30/10
Pages: 202

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