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Review: Tragedy to Truth by Casey Cease


Overcome by years of anxiety and depression on a fruitless journey to find himself, Casey Cease could not imagine his life getting any darker. On July 5th, 1995, at the age of 17, fueled by desperate anger and alcohol, Casey caused a horrific car accident that resulted in the death of his friend. Guilty and hopeless, Casey lay in a mental hospital on suicide watch, sure that his life was over. He would soon learn that God had a plan to rescue and redeem him through Jesus Christ.

For over a decade, Casey has been travelling the country candidly sharing his testimony of God’s power to save others to a life of hope and peace, even when it seems they will be lost forever. With a pastor’s heart, he wrote Tragedy to Truth for the sole purpose of giving you the opportunity to marvel at the limitless love of God toward broken, sinful people. No matter how bad you think you are, you aren’t beyond the reach of Christ.

The first half of this book, Tragedy, is Casey’s testimony, from his birth to the present. He shares details of his life that few others will in an effort to display God’s grace in his life. The second half of this book, Truth, shares the hope that Casey has found in many areas of his life through this tragedy. Tragedy is a reality in this lifetime, but through God’s grace it can lead to the truth.

Whether you believe in God, spirituality or absolutely nothing, I believe that people encounter crossroads in their life where they make decision that are determinants of their fate. Be it divine intervention or choosing the right path where the fork meets the road. We encounter those introspective questions of how to change, what did I do to deserve that or what or how can I be that will influence the hand dealt.

This book really lived up to its title of a “Tragedy of Truth: A Story of Faith and Transformation.” Casey’s story was an honest and heart breaking one that embodied one’s journey from self-inflicted battles that had dire consequences to someone who experienced an internal spiritual inclination. It showed how not one person on this earth is perfect but anyone can change. His story gives people the hope who feels that the choices they had made in their past will prohibit a better future. Overall, I think his personal story was something that was interesting to read especially how spirituality changed his life. It gives you an insight to those who have experienced some sort of divine intervention that improved their life.

For those who are open to spirituality, I think especially if you have middle school to high school kids, this would be a great book that creates some conversation. As with the author’s own personal experience, many will face the same challenges of trying to fit in or be accepted and this would be a great opportunity to highlight what happens when you make certain choices or feel a certain way. What I think is interesting and would help is that the author put questions at the end of every chapter as a way of enabling that conversation.

For those of you who don’t believe in spirituality or a higher being, this book may put you in an uncomforted position because of the biblical references in the second portion of the book. It might even make you feel like at times you are being preached to but that wasn’t the intention. If you are open to reading about the experience of someone that could be anyone you know, take a chance from that perspective.  

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Lucid Books
Release Date: 2/18/13
Pages: 164

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