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Review: Alice In Wonderland by Nancy Christie

When life is unbearable, where can one go to escape? For Alice, constrained by circumstances and unwanted obligations, books transport her to imagined worlds beyond her own, nourishing her spirit -- and her body. But what will Alice do when there are no more pages to devour and reality reclaims full dominion?

If you were a fan of "Annabelle", than you will love her new short story "Alice In Wonderland". Just as wonderful, Christie's beautiful voice graces the pages introducing us to a young woman who uses her books to escape the intimidating torment of the emotional grasp her confined mother has on her. When you are taking care of someone who is solely dependent on another, for someone like Alice, it can become an emotionally draining task. Considering her mother is not the materialistic type, you can feel the desperation of being emotionally and physically trapped. Filled with emotion, beautifully written, the reader will escape into a story leaving you wanting more. From the first page to the last, what Christie has accomplished in such few pages, some cannot do in a hundred, which is such a testament to her beautiful voice as a storyteller. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Pixel Hall Press
Publication date: 11/27/13
Pages: 17

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