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Review: A Love Too Late by Winfield Ly

Book Summary
If the time to say what you truly thought deep down has already passed, do you move on, or remain in the past while living in the present filled with regrets? Jackie has always loved his childhood friend, Joyce but she is getting married to someone else. While trying to continue on with his life, he always ends up thinking about her. A Love Too Late explores a snippet of the two childhood friends.

A Love Too Late by Winfield Ly is utterly captivating. Winfield Ly truly has a gift of portraying a life time of feelings and compress them into ten beautifully written pages. This was a complete story full of emotion and inner turmoil. The conclusion provides a fulfilling ending that does not require further literature; it was whole and beautiful. 

We see the narrator, Jackie, struggle with his complicated feelings for Joyce, his best friend since childhood. Jackie’s character is extremely developed allowing us to accurately understand the depth of his feelings towards Joyce. Winfield Ly makes us feel Jackie’s emotions; is love and insecurities are all laid on the table in front of us, making it impossible not to sympathize and love his character. 

The topic of A Little Too Late is one that many can relate to. The idea of being in love with your best friend is such a blissful feeling, but riddle with complications. Winfield Ly shows his audience that it is never too late to say ‘I love you.’ Ly demonstrates that there can be all types of loves, all equally as desired and important. In Jackie’s case, his admittance of love provided him a gift of a truly satisfying response. 

Overall, I loved the simplicity of the writing. The simple, clean cut writing allows for the story to be viewed straightforwardly and accurately, but simultaneously be intriguing. It may not be long, but you will not be disappointed to take a short while out of your day and encounter a sincerely moving narrative of love. 

Reviewed by Rachel Keane

Book Information
Publisher: Winfield Ly
Publication date: 5/8/2013

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