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Review: A Year After Henry by Cathy Pelletier

Book Summary

One year after Henry Munroe’s sudden death at age 41, his family is still reeling from the loss. So is Evie Cooper, a local bartender…and Henry’s former mistress. While his widow, Jeanie, struggles with the betrayal, his overbearing mother is devising plans to hold a memorial service on this awful anniversary. And to make matters worse, she might even invite Evie. With her trademark wit, Cathie Pelletier has crafted an elegant, uplifting portrait of the many strange and inspiring forms that grief and love can take in the journey to overcoming loss.


Losing a spouse is probably one of the most difficult transitions in life especially within the first year. The life you shared, the memories of your family and home bombard the days as they pass blended together. In your moments of grief, what if you find yourself facing a sobering reminder of the betrayal that turned your life upside down? Cathie Pelleter’s, A Year After Henry, is one woman’s challenge of coming to terms with her husband’s betrayal after his death in a novel that was a blend of heartbreak and humor through a perspective of grief.

The book followed the year after the death of Henry Munroe. He was a father, husband, and son, depending on what perspective, had a different experience. It chronicles the lives of his family and their struggle coming to terms with their own grief, making things complicated by a decision to hold a memorial service which seems to contribute to their hardships during this grieving process.

To my surprise, the book was different than I had expected. In my mind, I thought it was going to have a depressing, sad undertone but it wasn’t. It was refreshing to see it from a perspective that confronted their emotions and dealing with it rather than hiding away from the world letting it pass by. Each character brought a different element to the book that gave you a different insight into Henry and how they dealt with his loss. Overall, the core of the book dealing with loss, relationships, and moving on, made the book come together for a nice read.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Publication date: 8/5/2014
Pages: 272

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