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Review: Stinger Stars by Paul Bussard

Stinger Stars by Paul A. Bussard is an interesting dip into science fiction.

Maria de la Cruz, along with two others, discovers a new species with a powerful regenerative agent that can regrow a human’s lost or damaged limbs.

The plot is less action packed and is focused more on personal drama and ethical issues. The tension is mostly focused on how far the scientists will push the boundaries on ethical and moral practice to achieve their goals. For me, that is sufficient because it makes me worry about Maria and how she is going to handle all of it and if she’ll emerge with her future intact.

Maria is a nice, likeable character with a strong moral center. She is one of the few women in her company and faces her own challenges alongside her ethical dilemmas. Bussard gives the reader a peek into the mind of most of the characters, giving us reasons behind their actions and what drives their thought process which I enjoyed. An example of which is for the character Doug. Even though Doug acts like a jerk to Maria you are still made to feel a bit of sympathy for him when Bussard gives us insight into his background and thought process. It is not enough to make him likeable, in my opinion, but I like the insight it gives into his character.

Unfortunately, the pacing for this story varies. It starts out well enough in the beginning, but it alternately slows down and picks back up again with several revelations and events occurring in quick succession. Also, as I mentioned before, this isn’t the type of action packed sci-fi thriller you see in the movies. It has a much slower pace and if that bothers you I suggest you look elsewhere for your science fiction fix.

Ultimately, I liked the book. It was interesting and it explained enough of the science that you don’t feel lost or confused.

Reviewed by Jazmin Gousse

Pages: 204
Publisher: Montag Press (October 1, 2013)

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