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Review: Chasity Rules by Nakia R. Laushaul

About the Book

When it comes to love—Chasity Hall has rules. 

Rule Number One: Never fall in love. 
Rule Number Two: Always follow rule number one. 
Rule Number Three: Never let a man fall in love with you. 

After years of experiencing dead-end relationships, go-getter Chasity Hall has sworn off love for good. However, a happenstance visit up to the forty-eighth floor where she works sends Chasity head over heels in love again, and this time it is with a dazzling corner office suite with a killer view. The only problem for the purpose-driven fashionista is that Chasity’s single status is not working in her favor and she believes that an equally ambitious beau will give her the professional image of success she desperately desires. Upon the advice of Pia, her love-addicted best-friend, she hires an intuitive matchmaker who challenges Chasity to search inside her heart to finally discover her real one true love.


Let me start by saying in as much I enjoyed the book Chasity Rules. It started with the main character Chasity Hall who is looking for love as an adult. The story takes the reader back to earlier times of Chasity, Michael and Pia who were childhood friends. Although the dynamics between their families were different they enjoyed spending time together. Then one day something happened between two of the three friends which changed their perceptions of each other forever. This story had drama, revenge and that pivotal moment when Chasity, realized true love from fantasy.

Often and at times when Chasity, was standing at the precipice of unpleasant situations, she did not always make good decisions that would allow respect and regard from the people whom she socialized with. So she invented rules to alleviate the hurt that she experienced. My opinion about the Rules is that, I think we all take mental notes of what to do and what not to do whenever we are allowed a second chance at anything. The first rule "never fall in love" is not the rule that I would suggest anyone to practice. However I would suggest be careful who you date because you never know who you will fall in love with. So I applaud some of her rules because Chasity, saw her mistakes and learned from them.

The characters in the story were memorable. Pia, was the most interesting. Even though she seemed to have everything. She had a father,a mother, a lovely house and all of the material things that would seem to make a person happy. Yet Pia, had much to learn about friendship and how to love people. Her habit of coveting caused her life to back fire onto herself. So how does one seem to have it all be so unhappy? Then there is the question of Mrs. Orner, Pia's mother. Always helping or hindering? Lastly there is Michael, he never gave up on his dreams of success or finding the love of his life.

Reading Chasity Rules, was sweet and worth savoring because this story was about growing up and coming into self awareness.  After I read the book, I reflected on the characters. And thought, what would be the outcome of their relationship? Now that the three friends are adults. Will Chasity, Michael and Pia, be able to rekindle a friendship? Like the friendship that they once shared when they were children.

I would recommend this book with a hot cup of chocolate, your favorite pajamas, get cozy and enjoy!

Reviewed by Rhonda Bilal

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