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Review: You Oughta See Me Naked by Ed Bartlett


Here is an inside look at life on the slippery slope, by a man long past his “expire date,” savoring the perks few live long enough to enjoy: watching other people work, being outspoken without fear of physical reprisal (except for feeble jousts among the geezers), saying “no” to doctors ... delving into subjects like traveling the world, where we go when we die, the joys of dementia, what's it like being a ghost, the hazards of grave's edge romance.


Anyone who has been given the chance to live to 80 or as the author says past “his expiration date” you are bound to have an insight worth listening to. Ed Bartlett in his You Oughta See Me Naked, takes readers into a life full of the good and the bad, showing how imperfect our expectations are and when you get to a certain age how you earn the right to just live life and make your own rules. As you chuckle your way through his journey, his experience I’m sure many will be able to relate to and bring some assurance that getting old isn’t so bad. His life is full of experiences that many will share and find comfort in appreciating the treasure that is or lies ahead in your golden years. Prepare to laugh and embrace life for what it’s meant to be. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

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