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Review: The One An Amazing Love Story Start With You by Amanda and Ryan Leak and Jodi Lipper


If you’re looking for average, go ahead and put down this book. No hard feelings.

Most people will admit that they are looking for an amazing love story. We’ve all seen those couples, the ones holding hands or whispering to each other as they stare into one another’s eyes as if they share an awesome secret. We watch them and wonder, what’s up with those two?  
We never anticipated becoming one of “those couples.” When we met, we just worked on listening to God and preparing ourselves for the story he planned for us. What we learned and want to share is that no matter what your relationship status may be, this amazing story begins with you. 

In this book we share more than the events happening around “The Surprise Wedding.” We share our triumphs and our mistakes, both before and after that day. You’ll learn healthy habits you can start practicing today, ones that will help you lay the groundwork for an incredible marriage later. God has something amazing in mind for you, but he can’t get you there without your help.

We absolutely believe in The One. And we believe that you’re it. 


Ok, my fellow single friends out there. How many Cosmo quizzes, online dating sites, speed dating events or blind dates that you’ve been on and all it leaves you constantly meeting Mr. or Mrs. Wrong? Well, been there, done that until I came across the gem, The One by Amanda and Ryan Leak. It’s not the rules, thank goodness or some theoretical how to guide. It was something much better. Two people, who actually practiced what they preached but more importantly drove home the message loud and clear, not to be so literal but “The One, An Amazing Love Story Starts With You.” As they always say, how do you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself first!

I preface this because the couple who wrote this book both are spiritually grounded where their faith plays a major part of their life. Even if you don’t believe in faith, believe in the road they took to find love and the advice throughout their own path gotten there to see the message the book presents. The books chronicles their experience (by the away was unreal being married and engaged on the same day) and shares their perspective on being single through finding a relationship, dating, understanding each other and overcoming the obstacles and triumphs that make or break relationships. 

Told by dual perspectives, Ryan and Amanda Leak, not only share their love with the world, but the honest, candid obstacles & triumphs to get where they are give readers a clear picture of real love, no fake Hollywood movie love but that kind you’ll give up your life jacket on the Titanic for. What makes this book different than others that share their experience is that you get a male/female perspective that allows you to be an observer and understand things that you may not have noticed before but give you that aha moment or potentially what you incorporate in your own potential relationship. 

Overall, I thought was a great perspective that was shared that could benefit many single people or those in relationships now potentially leading up to marriage. Its practical advice and inspiration drawn from their story will inspire those that to want to have a great relationship built on a strong foundation that will stand the tests of time. Whether you are single or in a relationship leading down the aisle, their story will be an engaging read that will hopefully add some inspiration to your own love life.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles


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