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Review: The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmerski

Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Forever (August 11, 2015)


Sienna Murphy never does anything without a plan. And so far her plans have been working. Right after college, she got a prestigious job and gained the stability she'd always craved-until work takes her to the sun-drenched shores of Oahu and places her in the path of sexy surfer Luke Everett. For the first time, she lets her heart take control. Drawn to his carefree charm, she makes a spontaneous and very un-Sienna-like decision to drop everything and stay in Hawaii for two more weeks.

Luke lives fast and wild. When he meets Sienna, he's convinced that some no-strings-attached fun is just what she needs. As their nights quickly turn from playful to passionate, Luke can't deny the deep connection he feels. But there's a reason Luke doesn't do long-term. He can't promise Sienna forever, when the enormity of his past has shown him just how fragile the future can be . . .


Not to sound cliché but the moment of letting go of this book was such a bummer. If you are a fan of J.A. Redmerski, than you know that The Moment of Letting Go was like returning to her roots. Not that I want to label an author to one type of genre but it made me fall in love with everything that makes her awesome from the books of the Edge of Never and the Edge of Always. She had me completely wrapped around this one where that HEA was definitely worth waiting for.

Told from dual perspectives, we are introduced to Sienna Murphy and Luke Everett. I will say what I loved about them as in her writings that familiar human connection that resonates with the reader. You would never think these two characters which when you read the book are polar opposites could have such a fit like a glove chemistry but you are able to experience their journey and fall in love with them. 

The story introduces us to Sienna Murphy. She is the type of person who has attained where she is in life by working hard. She is currently at a crossroads in life questioning everything she wants and feels. Currently a high profile event planner, we get to live vicariously through her while she is on assignment in Hawaii. You’d think being in one of the most beautiful places in the world would be great, right? Wrong. Sometimes life throws you a test and I guess this was hers because dealing with this particular sister of the bridezilla nearly took everything out of her and pushed her to her breaking point. Overwhelmed and frustrated, like with all moments that are meant to be, the right person came at the right moment. Meet Luke Everett and little did she know life would never be the same.

So, just a chance encounter, they both meet. Knowing that she would only be there for a couple of days, they never expected anything to lead anywhere other than to have a little fun. You know when you meet someone, you can’t explain it but you feel like you really KNOW them even though you don’t. There is something that you feel that draws you to them and your rationale and caution goes straight out the window? Well, a couple of days turn into a couple of weeks. After needing a much deserved vacation, and throwing all rationale out the window, she decides to let her heart lead and spend the best two weeks of her life finding out where it goes. With no expectations and uncertainty, their destined encounter lead to a journey that grabs life by the collar and shakes it to show us what in life is worth fighting for. 

Unlike the beautiful, fall in love story, this one was different. It had a whole different flare to it. I didn’t get that instant magnetic attraction to the characters or the story. There was a depth behind the characters that drew a different response.  A much slower pace mirrored by the plot of the book, which enabled the reader a takeaway that was much deeper than the typical, expected story.  This plot definitely had some though provoking moments that make you sit back really let it sink in. Their story for some might seem slow to progress but be patient because everything comes full circle and it is worth it for everything that comes. Overall, this is a good read that will make you appreciate everything that is awesome about J.A. Redmerski. Awesome story to be told with characters that demand your attention, a love story that just makes your heart smile and as usual keep the kleenex nearby because it will come in handy. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

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