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Review: This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

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This book was addicting and it portrays friendship and family so beautifully. It’s a feel good book. You cannot help but be happy while and after reading. It is like the author composed this book of hope and everything nice. It was a very well-constructed with a consistent flow. 

I would not say that this book had a central plot. I feel as if it was all about the journey, relationships and the development of them. There were a few nice side plot, however, it were not the main focus of the book. It is very character driven. 


There were no unnecessary drama or insufferable characters. I can truthfully say that I enjoyed all the characters. The main character, Sloane, was amazing. She was extremely sarcastic, and you’re introduced to that side of her in the first chapter. That scene was great and hilarious. Sloane was very relatable. She really stood out as a main character because of her sarcastic and driven personality.

It was interesting to read about her relationships with the other characters. I especially enjoyed her relationship with her father. Her father was amazing as it is. I adored that he had this new fond obsession with fanfiction and left them for Sloane to read. 

Usually, in YA books the main characters have a strained relationship with their parents. So it felt good to see a happy, supportive, and healthy family portrayed. Those father-daughter moments and mother-daughter moments brought a special kind of emotion to the book and pulled at those heartstrings. 

Vera was great. She was literal sunshine. I found it intriguing that she was a social media star. However, I felt like that was not explored as much as I had hoped that it would be. I thought that it would have been a bigger part of the story. Nevertheless, I would totally follow Vera on all of her social media because she is awesome.  Vera and Sloane’s friendship was amazing. It’s the kind of friendship that everyone deserves. They would probably do anything for each other. 

Gabe, Vera’s twin, is a little closed off in the beginning and once the story continues you get to see the real him. I really enjoyed him. It was interesting to see him and Sloane’s relationship progress. In the first chapter, Gabe does not seem too thrilled with Sloane, but she does eventually charm him. The dynamic was adorable and awkward between them. 

The romance was extremely slow burn. A part of me was okay with it, but then another part of me was very impatient because I wanted them to get together quickly. However, the slow burn made for great interactions and development.

Final Analysis

This Adventure Ends captures friendship and family in such a beautiful way that will leave you beaming from ear to ear. Every single character is amazing and has such a great dynamic with each other. 

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