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Review: Shaken by Tim Tebow and A.J. Gregory


For all the athletes that grab the headlines for their negative lifestyle, it is refreshing to read about one who defines everything that I'd want a kid to look for in a role model that isn't their parents. I really didn't know anything about Tim Tebow other than he played football and was pleasantly surprised after reading this book how much didn't let the lifestyle defined him, he defined it. 

I'm so captivated by his commitment to his faith, family and friends that he has allowed him to frame the positive and conscious life his lives. Here's a guy, who after reading this book I'm taken back by the heart wrenching defeat not just by himself along his journey but for the people who have endured real challenges in life yet have risen. There are so many people out there who have felt defeated, rejected or just beat down by life but no matter how hard life comes down on them, there is always something or someone that comes in their life that defines its purpose.

Shaken, isn't about Tim Tebow the football star. It's about his spiritual evolution through defeat, persevering through his grounded faith and purpose. Humbled and gaining insightful wisdom through many of the people we meet in the book, really not only for him but for the reader put a perspective on their own obstacles that have presented challenged in their own life but still live life to the fullest. The takeaways from their life blended with how his faith has shaped his really is inspiring.

Whether your life is grounded in faith or not, reading the book really has a purpose beyond his name. I appreciate the honest, candid introspective commentary that can be interchanged with anyone feeling fear, rejection or defeated by life. I'm not the biggest fan to athletes because of their lifestyle but Tim is an exemplary guy whose story I know so many will connect and be inspired by. Whether you have followed his career or not, Shaken will uplift your spirit, inspire your hope and through the stories shared make you push harder to find your inner strength to persevere through any obstacle life throws.

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