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Review: If Lost or Found by Jackie Mae

About the Book

Traveling abroad, Sabrina’s grand adventure is about to change. Needing to go home and rectify the wrongs that are hovering ever constant around her, she finds herself thrust into a whole new set of truths she must confront. What if she had chosen differently? What if she had followed her parents’ guidance? Acceptance, freedom, being a worldly woman, had all seemed so important. Now, however, her path will lead her into the unknown. On her own, she must confront her fears head-on. When she meets “dream man,” she dares to hope, but life has its own plan. Is she strong enough for what destiny has in store for her? What will the cost be this time? 


I feel very torn in my criticism of this novella but I will begin with how much I appreciate and genuinely enjoyed the basis of the story being told. With that said, I’m not saying that it wasn’t good, I believe the quality of the story was good as well as the characters but what fell short for me was in the cohesive execution transitioning the story being told. There were several moments that I was drawn into and wanted to read more but as I read, I was left feeling like puzzle pieces were missing or didn’t fit. There were many questions that I had as the story progressed because it either felt forced or advanced without an explanation of a little backstory and simply just needed some more of the story for an easier transition.

For me personally, 20-30 pages more would’ve made this rock for me because the story is definitely there and that gravitational sustainability of interest throughout the book would’ve been there for me had there been a little more. This being a novella, I’ve read others similar in the amount of pages where there was more of the story and it came together a bit easier which is why I’m so critical because the potential is there and it would’ve been more of a compelling read for me. With that said, I will definitely venture into her others books to give them a chance because I did enjoy the overall theme of the book. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

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