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Review: I Only Quote from the Best: Revisiting Hollywood's Golden Age by Candie Graham

About the Book

Classic film lovers live and breathe them. Movie-quoting enthusiasts seek to find - and use - the best of them. Film scholars look to them for continued inspiration. And for the curious, I Only Quote From the Best - Revisiting Hollywood's Golden Age, provides an engaging introduction to 500 great untapped movie lines from every genre. Seeing their unforgettable faces in photos from yester-year, you can now connect their names with these celebrated lines. Highlighting some of my personal favorites within each chapter, have fun finding your own. 


This is a lovely compilation from the Golden Age of Hollywood, which brings many of us nostalgic memories of loved ones' favorite movies. There's a tenderness in this book that truly showcases Graham's love of this age and its cinematic history and if you're looking for a book of quotes, look no further.

It is a bit of a straightforward concept, isn't it? Watch old movies and write down the quotes that really strike you. Fortunately Graham does things a little differently, just to spice things up a bit. There are little sections through this compilation that goes into the author's opinions about certain actors and films, which really actually does an excellent job of giving some dimension to a book of quotes. We get an astute (not ever overly long) look into the author's experiences with said films and what really stands out to her. It's nice to have this structural choice through because it ends up making the reading experience more personal and less run of the mill quote book. I was not personally distracted by it and found it quite lovely.

This is a fairly straightforward book and it truly does do what it sets out to do. There are but a few issues. The formatting was a bit clunky with the pictures of actors, and caused me to wonder if we were changing into a different theme of quote topic. There was also the matter of randomly placed clip art which did nothing but add unnecessary pages.

Otherwise, I found little issue with the book and found it a charming read. If you're feeling nostalgic for the Golden Age of Hollywood, look no further and pick up this quote compilation which was no doubt a process of tender loving care!

Reviewed by Amy Richardson

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