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Review: Paper Girls Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan

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Purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Image comics is the best powerhouse of comics outside of the superhero genre in the game today. As a rabid comic/graphic novel reader, I've done my fair share of reading stories from Image comics, Saga included, which is what turned me onto this book in particular. Brian K. Vaughan is the pinnacle of comic writing at the moment and this book is a great start to a story that I am very much already hooked on.

Paper Girls follows four twelve year old girls who have one thing in common: they deliver papers. The fact of the matter is, this story wouldn't have ever happened if they hadn't been out in the wee hours of November first, thinking it'd be another typical morning of deliveries. It most definitely wasn't that.

The story itself is solid, and personally, I felt myself connecting to the girls fairly quickly. They all seemed very unique from one another and all fairly easy to relate to. The tension of the story works because I fear for them and want them to make it through, whether or not that is the case, we'll wait and see.

In all truthfulness, I find it difficult to explain the conflict of the story. Thus far, there's some sort of cataclysmic event, time travel, a gunshot wound, and some people dressed in white who speak very garbled English. Not to say that this difficulty in explanation is a negative, honestly, I'm just ready for the next volumes to come out!

This volume has beautiful drawings, coloring, and excellent panel organization. I was never hampered by poor formatting or distracted by bad drawing. And it looks good.

Overall, this is a strong first volume to this series and I am more than excited for what could possibly be in store!

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