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Review: Camp Midnight by Steven T. Seagle

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Purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

About the Book

Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 creator Steven T. Seagle returns to comics with New Yorker Magazine cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein for a new graphic novel! Reluctant Skye is accidentally sent to the wrong summer camp. Not wanting to please her "step monster," Skye is dead-set on not fitting in. That won't be a problem, as everyone at Camp Midnight-with the exception of fellow camper and fast-friend Mia-is a full-fledged monster! The perfect book for fans of Raina Telgemeier's Smile, but wish it had more bowls of gooey eyeballs.


This graphic novel was an absolutely lovely read. This title in particular would be an excellent choice for teenagers wanting to start reading graphic novels or comics, as it was a funny coming-of-age tale about Skye, a girl surrounded by monstrous circumstances and how she can learn from the difficulties in her life.

Skye, somewhere around fourteen years old, is handed off from parent to parent after her folks' recent divorce, but this summer her step-mom rallies for her to be sent off to summer camp. What seems to be a nightmare, slowly turns into a wonderful experience. Skye meets Mia, a girl with a mysterious form, and the two of them learn that they aren't so different from the other kids, although they are not the same.

This graphic novel was hilariously written and drawn, having a lot of hilarious panels with big, over the top expressions. The color choices throughout were aesthetically pleasing and fit well for the tone of a camp that operates during the night time hours. The writing was funny and fast paced and made for a quick enjoyable read.

This graphic novel gives us Skye, a girl in the middle of a divorced set of parents, which will really allow for teenagers in a similar situation to be able to have a protagonist reeling from the same issue. Skye learns that you can give people a chance to have a better life and that although somethings are out of your control, you can still learn some valuable lessons. 

Overall, I thought this was a lovely, easy read and would definitely recommend it!

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