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Review: Painting Sky by Rita Branches

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I feel extremely bad for saying this but I did not enjoy this book at all. I really don’t want to bash this book, because it wasn’t so awful that I wanted to throw it out the window and run over it with my Chevy Cobalt , it just wasn’t for me. Judging by other reviews, I see that everyone else loved it. Maybe it’s me. I didn’t feel a strong emotional impact with this, or even a tiny bit of connection to these characters. 

At the beginning, it was okay, but the longer it went on the more I started to dislike it. It had so many clichés. That would have been okay if I had been expecting it. The plot was very predictable, and I spent most of the time confused about character decisions. 

While reading, I felt like several scenes were missing which would have made the story flow better. It seemed to jump around. 

Also, the climax at the end was very crazy and felt a little much. I feel like the author should have went a different direction or left it out. 


I’m very indifferent about Jane. Did I like her or hate her? I don’t know. She could be a little immature, but it happens. She’s a growing girl. I know for a fact that I didn’t like her with Cody. 

I’m a little confused about the how’s of their relationship before they started college. I didn’t really feel a connection with him. 

It was a tad bit frustrating that everyone treated Jane like a child. I felt as if her family still thought she was 12 instead of 18. 

I did enjoyed Jane’s relationship with her little sister, Matilda. I wish that had been showcased more throughout the novel. Also, Jane and Keith were a good couple. They bought out good qualities in each other. But I must say that I wish Keith would have called Jane by her real name. 

Final Analysis 

Although it has a pretty cover, Painting Sky was full of clichés and confusing characters that left me feeling frustrated and annoyed. The summary sounded interesting, but the interesting aspect isn’t transported on the page well. However, the author does a nice job of incorporating art into the plot. 

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