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Review: My Way Too by David P Perlmutter

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I find myself in conversations all the time with authors about their books but especially with new authors getting advice on what to from writing to getting published. The greatest resource you can pull from is your peers. The biggest person who can understand your struggle is someone who been there, done that. So many people think writing a book and it becoming an instant hit is a an easy task and yes it can be if you want to put out anything. For those who want a career, it is a labor intensive journey, given the amount of thick skin and perseverance you have can be a rewarding one.

I came across this interesting little read that I found would be a good resource for those of you out there who wrote a book and are in the process of trying to figure out what to do next. Just like you, the author of the book has learned by experiencing the good and bad but brings some really good input to the book that I think would be very helpful. There isn't a "secret" to his success but hard work and his passion to help other authors out there gain the success they deserve really makes this worth mentioning.

A quick read, the book highlights some good points that include the importance of formatting and having a great cover, marketing and really building relationships and networking through social media. I thought he offered genuine commentary that if you are an aspiring or current author could relate to because it came from the perspective of someone who has found success in making their book successful through trail and error. For someone who didn't have a background in writing and dove into the craft not so long ago, I think this book give some valuable information that in a way pays it forward.

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