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Review: Fate’s Love by L.A. Cotton

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3.1 Stars 

First, I want to say that I enjoyed the premise of this book. However, the actual things that made up the book, are what I didn’t enjoy. It needed more filler and extra meat to connect and flesh out the plot. Without those things, the book seemed to be lacking, and nothing felt complete or genuine. 

It dragged on, and I felt like certain parts were unnecessary. If I had to sum this book up in a few words, it would be that the story lacked depth, descriptions, and believable substances. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see the main character in three stages of her life, however, I wish that during those stages there would have been more depth, descriptions, and of course, that it would have been more believable.

There are a few tragedies, and I’m thankful that the author included them. It somewhat made a difference and showed that life isn’t perfect. 

Character Analysis 

The story mostly follows Olivia, so we spend the most time with her. I felt indifferent about Olivia. She felt distance to me, and I didn’t connect to her. Yes, I knew that she had her whole life planned out, but what else? I must say, that her character development at the end is prominent. The author did do that justice. 

Fate’s Love takes place over eight years, and throughout those eight years, Olivia and Ethan meet a couple of times. They were “ coincidental ”. They exchanged a couple of words, and Olivia withdraws for whatever reason and goes on with her life. Because of the lack of communication and insta-love, their relationship felt very unbelievable and frustrating. 

If the two had spent a solid amount of time together in high school, I would have felt the chemistry and actual understood their relationship. Because it lack multiple attributes, I kept waiting for that moment that would help me understand them. 

After finishing, I still don’t have a strong sense of who Ethan was. And I’m not sure if Olivia did either. 

Final Analysis
Fate’s Love had a strong premise, but the story lacks important attributes that would have made it a great love story. It is an easy read, which does include a happy ending.  

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