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Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

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4.4 Stars

I must admit that it took me more than a few times to get passed the first chapter. I purchased the hardback first and then the kindle version. Because of my lack of interest, I gave my hardback copy away.

A couple months, later I decided to try again, this time with the Audible version. I have an hour long commute two times each week, so that would be the perfect time to listen. In addition, listening while walking to class would help me knock it out.

Even after finally getting passed the first chapter, it was still a hard stay interested. I think maybe because I was confused and was not used to the world. I had not read the Grisha Trilogy, and I think that maybe if I had it would have been beneficial. Also, sometimes it takes a while for me to get into a fantasy novel.

However, around the fourth chapter, I completely started to understand the hype. I was intrigued with the plot and also the characters. I dreaded those moments where I had to stop listening. At chapter 19, I decided that if I wanted to finish this book before the sequel came out (September 27), I needed to stop listening to the audible and read it on my own.

I finished on September 23, 2016, and with great confidence I can say that this probably was my second favorite book of the year. When I finished, I screamed because I was a little angry that it was over.

This book was epic. My heart was racing because of the action; I teared up a couple of times. I felt so many emotions while reading/listening to this book. I was fully intrigued with every aspect of the book. It is a great, exciting heist story. It is very unpredictable with so many twist and action that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The pacing was fast, but it worked. I felt like I needed to take slow breaths because my heart was beating so fast.  

Even though I’m done with the kindle version, I still want to finish the Audible. Again, I really enjoyed this book.


It’s been a while since I was truly got invested in characters from a new book. I loved every one of the characters-Kaz, Nina, Inej, Matthias, Jesper, and Wylan. I cannot wait to see them again in the next installment. Each one of them deserve so much happiness.

I understand why people love them so much. They are all so diverse, and I would not necessary classify them as the good guys. Because they are not. They each have had a rough life. They do what they need to survive. And I found their motives for what they did very interesting.

This is a dark book, however, the characters’ banter brings a special type of light. I found myself laughing so hard at some of the stuff that was said. There are some really good character dynamic and also relationship building. Everything was not rushed and had to time to develop smoothly.

I do not want to spend too much time describing why I enjoyed the characters, because I plan to go into more details with each character when I finish the second book.

I also do not want to go into too many details about the romance because this book was not centered on romance. It solely focused on the buildup of each one. It was sort of like a backdrop. I’ll probably cover more of that with my review of the second book. But I must say, I am here for each relationship that Leigh Bardugo has set up. I had seen mentions of the relationships on Youtube, Twitter, and Tumblr, so I was aware of which direction Leigh planned to go before I read the book.

This is such an action packed book, and every time there was a hint of romance it took me aback because even though I was aware, I still was not expecting it.  I think because I was so captivated with the action, that I would have been okay if there was not any romance involved.

Having those small hints of romance made me squeal so hard because I got to see the relationships develop at a nice pace that did not over take the plot. I enjoyed seeing the developmental stages. And I also enjoyed seeing the moments when characters realized that they might be in love. I do not want to spoil anyone, but yes, I cried at a character’s realization of love.

Final Analysis

Six of Crows is an exciting, thrilling book that will leave you wanting more. It might take a while to get into, but once it starts you will not want to turn back. The characters are so amazing and diverse. This book will not disappoint you.

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