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Review: Get in the Car, Jupiter by Fisher Amelie

I was immediately draw to this book by its gorgeous cover. But after examining it, it can be determined that the head dress feels a little inappropriate. It is not mentioned in the story, and it’s not a part of the character’s culture.

This story was definitely colorful.  I think it might have tried a little too hard to be funny and almost crossed into eye rolling territory. I downloaded the sample first and felt a need to read this book because of the writing. It felt like the main character was directly talking to the reader. So I purchased it. Unfortunately, the writing got a tiring and old. Everything felt like it was going superfast and as a reader I couldn’t catch a break.

There were times when the story felt a too cheesy and an unbelievable. Also, I would have liked to see a more aspect of the road trip. What I mean is that we did not get to see many moments of the characters bonding in the car which eliminated many chances of the characters relationship developing. Those moments were shorter in comparison to the crazy events that happened on this road trip.

It is worth mentioning, that I enjoyed the several mentions of the title. Usually when authors name drop the title, it feels a little forced. With this book, it felt natural.


All of the characters were likable. Jupiter was a very quirky main character, and I couldn’t help but love her. It was an added bonus that her internal monologue matched perfectly to the character.

Her parents were interesting because of their disapproval of her going to college and their decision to live in a UFO. I would have loved if their dynamic was explored more and got some backstory. Altogether, the parents seemed to be a little absent. They were physically present only a handful of time.

Ezra did not really shine in this novel. He was the typically brooding YA love interest. He had such a tragic past that could have showcased some interesting character motives and development. Also, although I enjoyed their relationship, I felt cheated because there was so little time with them actually together. It would have been nice to see that development.

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