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Review: Insecurity Detox: A Breakout Plan to Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit by Trish Blackwell

About the Book

What if you could experience a unique detoxification that would rid you of insecurity, self-doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, and more—and all those “impurities” could be replaced with confidence, purpose, joy, and better relationships? That’s what Insecurity Detox is all about.

In this book you will find thirty very doable detoxes that will help you get rid of the toxic mindsets and behaviors that pull you away from God’s truths and your best self, and replace them with a new way of thinking and acting.

This progressive detoxification journey can be done in thirty days, thirty weeks, or whatever works best for you and your busy schedule. Each detox builds on the ones before, and as you journey through this unique 3-fold approach, you’ll find healing for your body, mind, and spirit. With healthy eating tips, ways to reprogram your thinking process, and meaningful principles for your spiritual life, the whole direction of your life can change.

Each of the thirty chapters has three detoxes—for body, mind, and spirit—that will teach you new thought strategies and practical applications that will empower you to live with a positive perspective, grounded in God’s love and purpose for you. What we tell ourselves about ourselves either steals the joy of life from us or infuses us with ever-growing life. In this book, you will discover a new life for yourself where dreams really do come true.


You can never read enough books that empower better for your life. Insecurity Detox had plenty of great substance to inspire and give you some great insight that you can takeaway but there was also some elements that really left me conflicted overall.

What attracted me to this book was intent of the content. There are so many people out there that battle daily with the imprisonment of not feeling good enough. I loved how it was based on the author’s own experience which really enables the reader to share her journey but also relate and connect. Insecurities are so detrimental to people lives so any sort of book that offers any possible remedy to overcome is a great thing. The intent of the book stemmed from her wanting to “detox from the insecurity that had been part of her daily life.” She takes the reader through 30 detoxes explored with subsets that are furthered expanded through insight on rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit. 

So, here’s where I feel conflicted about my thoughts with a certain aspect of the book. The overall commentary in the book was very good and had so much to offer but what I feel conflicted about is her spirituality elements portion of the book. I’m a person whose faith is deeply rooted and appreciate anyone who is inspired or it becomes the catalyst for something great in their life but I’m not sure about the scripture and the prayer elements that were part of this section in the book. The reason I say that is within these sections, the commentary that she relates spirituality to that particular detox was wonderful but then the scriptures and the prayers take something away from that section. 

What I thought was amazing that could’ve complimented these sections better was the review guide in the end of each detox. I really wish that was part of each section rather than be at the end of the book because that would’ve been more subtle but still have the impact of implementing faith into spirituality. Even though I thought overall her insight was wonderful, and feel conflicted about the spirituality portion of the book, I think it was a positive, engaging read.  

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