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Review: Playing With Trouble by Joya Ryan

I'm always a sucker for the broken hearts finding their mend in a contemporary romance but in this one, we have some chatting to do about Laura and Jacob.

Laura Baughman decided after her divorce to regroup and head back home to Oregon. She hadn't been there since after graduation but more importantly, has been haunted and guilt stricken for not being there for her mother's death. Her mother meant everything to her which coming back home has her facing unresolved feelings and emotions. After everything that had gone wrong, the one thing that she was looking forward to was taking over her mother's flower shop but was surprised to find it no longer was business. 

Well, it had been 10 years that passed and her dad had left out a few things. Their family business that was once shared with her mother no longer existed but a new chapter started with someone who had become the son he never had, Jacob Locke.  He partnered together to start a business that brought more success than he could've ever imagined. The problem is,  Laura has come back to claim what is rightfully hers but where does that leave Jacob? Well, to solve this problem, her dad gives them both thirty days to prove who could handle it all and that person will get everything. 

Now, let's dive into Laura and Jacob. I have a few things to say about them. Now they both have issues, which always makes these types of books either great or predictable. Their backstory had me wanting so much more than what I got but it was redeemed in the end. 

Laura, is the kind of gal that makes bad choices in men, as a result each situation takes away a part of her that's make her unable to trust them. She is the type who tries to push on to make dreams and goals but comes in contact with those guys who step on it and make her feel like she isn't good enough. This becomes dangerous because she is protecting her heart and doesn't' want to get too close because she is afraid it is going to be broken. Jake, is a good guy but because he has been broken by women looking to leave for bigger and better, he has a way of sabotaging his relationships and not even know it. He just goes about it the wrong way. 

In theory, these two are perfect together but the way their relationship evolved made me a little frustrated. I wanted to see more of them breaking down their walls to get to there they did in the end. I would've hung onto every word. I would've sung it's praises more rather than accept it's predictability.  For me personally, I loved each of the characters and what they brought to the story but I wish the plot could have been developed more in terms of them coming together emotionally.  That aspect of the them I feel cheated because I felt bombarded with the steamy scenes that for me weren't necessary compared to what I got from them in terms of the type of evolving relationship that they had. They could've been greater than what they were. Now, if that was the intention of the plot to build that tension and disconnect to get to the end, than that's another story and I'll accept it.

Overall, it was a nice story that drew me in and it's always good to get those broken hearts that have a chance for fate to bring them together. I wish more could've been explored and less on some of the other stuff. All in all, a fun, light book that I think you'll enjoy. 

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