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Review: Infini by Krista and Becca Ritchie

There is something truly magical about the Ritchie’s twin books. They truly do have superpowers. It’s been a while, almost a year, since we had a new book from them. So my excitement for Infini was high. And I can proudly say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Infini is very much a KB book with high emphasis on family and friendship; however, it does stand on its own. Infini was beautiful and will draw out every emotion that you have in your body. I laughed. I cried. I felt heartbreak for these two characters that I instantly fell in love with. I nervously sat on the edge of my seat as the plot thickened. It’s a captivating tale that made me never want to finish the book.

Although, Infini is set in the Amour Amour universe, it’s not required that you read the earlier book. But because I’m always here for recommending KB’s book, I would strongly suggest that you read Amour Amour. This book does have a lot of characters, and the majority of them are featured in Amour Amour. The authors do a nice job of establishing each character in Infini; however, if you do want another book with these amazing characters and a similar feel, I would read both books.

It is important to note that Amour Amour is a lot lighter than Infini. Immediately before you begin this story you are hit was a list of trigger warnings. Pay attention to those.

So what is Infini about? I don’t want to give too much away because why would I give everything away when you could read this beautiful book?

If you have read Amour Amour, then you have already been introduced to Luka Kotova. If not, then Luka is a Russian American acrobat. Luka and Baylee Wright, a Jamaican-American juggler, have a complicated past and such big hearts. And throughout this book, both characters embark on a journey highlighted with a friends-to-lover/slow burn romance, loyalty and the circus is family motto.  

It’s hard to talk about the romance without entering spoiler central. So I’ll try to highlight some key points. The romance is so pure, complicated, real and passionate. And even though I read this book days ago, I still can’t help but smile every time I think about Baylee and Luka’s relationship. Yes, it was a heartbreaking journey that left me crying at multiple points, but the end was beautiful and both of these characters deserve the happy ending they got.


Baylee Wright was a great addition to this universe. She is such a strong, passionate character, and I squealed for joy when I finally got to be in her POV. I really connected to Baylee; I especially loved her love for grilled cheeses. I’ve mentioned this in another review for a book by Krista & Becca, but I love how they add in tiny details like that. Those details make the characters seem so much more real.

I enjoyed Baylee’s character and everything that she brought to the book. To be honest, I want to hang out with her and also give her a hug because she’s had some tragedy in her life.  

As mentioned earlier, Luka was introduced in Amour Amour. So we already got a sprinkle of his personality there. But because he was a supporting character, we didn’t really get to see him in all his entirety. With this book, we see all of him. And just like Baylee, I love Luka. You can’t help but fall in love with him and Baylee. And it was heartbreaking to see him fighting his demons.

He’s so loyal to his family and sweet. Family is a huge part this book, we see multiple instances of Luka and Baylee supporting and being supported by their family. The strong family ties in this book are extremely inspiring.

So on to this huge cast; who I also loved. This book is about Luka and Baylee, but it sort of is about the supporting characters too. Another thing that I really like that Krista & Becca do, is that they don’t add in a character and have them sit around as the plot unfolds. What I mean is that Thora was a main character in Amour Amour, but that does not mean that her journey/story stopped. In this book, we still see her continuing that journey and also encountering new developments.  

I would 100% be here for another book in this universe. There many characters, like Timo and Katya, who I would love to be in their POV and get to know the real them. And also, I’m just not ready to let go of these characters yet. I really enjoy this world.

Stray Thoughts

If you are a fan of Krista & Becca’s other amazing series, The Addicted Series, there’s a treat for you in Infini. Amour Amour, Infini, and the Addicted Series takes place on the same Earth. This means that the Addicted Series characters and the events have happened in these books. It was great seeing Katya fangirl about Rose Calloway, and also the core six and products (for example: Princesses of Philly and Fizz) from those books being mentioned.

Luka & Baylee gave me Ryke and Daisy vibes with the how forbidden love thing.

Final Analysis

Infini is an emotional and breathtaking book that will leave you wanting more. It’s passionate. It’s got that circus feel. The main characters and as well as the supporting characters are all beautiful and real in their own right, and this book does go beyond and above for allowing readers to witness these journeys.  There is such a high emphasis on family that is inspiring and uplifting. It does sway on the dark side and include trigger warnings, so those should not be taken lightly. The main characters are dealing with real issues, that don’t just randomly go away.

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