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Review: The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

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“Lessening the misery of the past will lead to a brighter future.”

This book surprised me. I was not expecting it to be very emotional. There were times when I ugly sobbed because the book hit me so hard in the feels. I really enjoyed it, and I could see myself rereading it just to experience it again.

I was completely overwhelmed with how kind the characters were. Kindness and forgiveness are two major themes in this book. And if I’m being honest, two of the biggest contributors of my tears. There were so many gestures of kindness that warmed my heart.

It is a powerful book that tells a really great story. In essence, it’s about two broken souls who find themselves together, and as the story progresses they influence each other in a positive way making an everlasting mark on each other. But it is also so much more than that. The supporting characters were just as important as the main characters.

Like mentioned earlier, kindness and forgiveness are heavily explored in this book. And both of those shown through the main characters but also the supporting characters. Some other important aspects of this book include: family, friendship, love, and grieve. I really feel that the author did everything well.

A random tidbit that I also enjoyed is that in the novel we see artwork from Zelda’s graphic novel. That was interesting, and it made the story that she was trying to tell more real. I got to see it, instead of just picturing what it was supposed to be like.

I also thought that the story of the graphic novel was just as interesting as the main book story. I would read that graphic novel. It is an emotional and raw graphic novel, and as readers we get to see Zelda’s pain transformed into her art.


Usually, in some books you have those few bad characters that spread hatred for no reason. However, in this book, all the characters were great and kind. And you can’t help but love them all. It is also is important to note that they all are flawed and some made a few mistakes. They have a tragic past, and they’re trying to better themselves.

I truly loved all the characters. And they all touched my heart. The supporting characters were more than background characters. They each contributed to the story and were such a huge part of Zelda and Beckett’s lives and development. For example, Roy Goodwin is Beckett’s parole officer and is so helpful to Beckett. He offers to help Beckett pay rent, and invites him over for Christmas dinner with him and his wife.

I really loved that Zelda was an artist who had dreams of creating a graphic novel. I won’t spoil her reasoning and passion for doing so, but I will say that it will make you cry. Her past is tragic and throughout the story we see her try to cope with it. I thought that she was a strong main character. And her determination was inspiring. Instead of going back to Vegas, she stayed in New York and worked harder.

I loved Beckett just as much as I loved Zelda. He was so kind. Beckett is a convicted felon; and we see him cope with the guilt of what happened. It was great to see him become a better person and learn from his mistakes.

The romance was slow burn, and I thought that fit well. It was great to see them develop a friendship before they entered a romantic relationship. Zelda and Beckett had great chemistry. I especially enjoyed that Beckett helped Zelda with her graphic novel. The bonding time was nice.

And it was great to see them help one another in their own special way.

Final Analysis

The Butterfly Project is a touching story about forgiveness, kindness, and lost. The characters are extraordinary and will bring so much joy to your heart. This book will leave you in tears. It is extremely touching.

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