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Review: The Official Chase 'N Yur Face Cookbook: Tasty Recipes & Fun Facts To Start Your Food Adventure by Chase Bailey

Let me first say how incredibly proud I am of this young man. First of all, I love cookbooks. When I first came across this book, I was like who is this charming kid radiating sunshine off the cover? Then as I started to read his background story and saw that he had autism, I was so blown by how far he has come and what a great role model and person he is for young people today. As a kid having food sensitivities and challenges, it was so inspiring how he overcame them through his exploration of food. What great support he has with his family, especially his mother, to have encouraged and helped him find his true calling and passion in life, cooking.

I didn't know anything about him prior to his book. I checked out his You Tube channel and was very impressed with his culinary skills and influences that mold his expertise. For a teenager to have such an impressive skill set in the kitchen was very amazing. As you check out the book, his infectious personality permeates through the pages. You can definitely tell how much he loves cooking through his stories and his approach to his recipes. The books splattered colorful, vibrant images to accompany the recipes, along with fun facts that shared some really awesome information. 

You get a real sense of his culinary influences that include his family, famous chefs and explorations through food that showcase his diverse, creativity in his recipes. You can really see how passionate he is about cooking and some of those recipes sounds so good you can eat them off the page. This would be such a great additional to add your cookbook library and be such a fun interactive experience with your kids to learn fun recipes that have a lot of flavor and love. So, if you have a kid that wants to learn, I'd recommend giving this a try to jump start their excitement to start cooking. By the way, it's not just for kids, it can be loved by adults too!

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