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Review: Meant for You by Michelle Major

I think Michelle Major is my newest inductee to my favorite author list. Meant For You, was my first book read by her and this definitely was a home run in every way. All I have to say is that I have some back reading to do to catch up on her other books. 

Meant For You had an awesome vibe from start to finish. I definitely didn’t want to stop reading and Jenny and Owen will definitely have you on a roller coaster. Honestly, I was so into the book that you know when you get that story that has you hanging on every word? When you are rooting for that HEA and then the book looks like it’s taking a detour that is not a welcomed one but surprises you? Well, this book was so unpredictable, which I absolutely loved because from the beginning, I thought it would be one way but it wasn’t.  I definitely had to earn my HEA. 

Let’s chat about the book! Jenny Castelli, a single mom, is a feisty gal. She is definitely the chic that you want in your corner to have your back. Unfortunately, she was dealt a rough card in life but she managed to turn her lemons into lemonade. Despite hardships including taking care of her mother in a home, supported well by some amazing friends, she is happy with the life she has made for her and her son, Cooper. One day her life was turned upside down by some remarks a couple of mean girls from high school made about her son. Getting on the defensive, with her upcoming reunion coming up, she wasn’t going to let them make her feel less than she was. She was going to show them. 

Her mouth, not her biggest attribute, mainly due to her temper, has really gotten her into some situations. One in particular, in an attempt to not sound like a loser with the upcoming reunion, she alluded that she was attending with her guy who was not only hot but had a lot of money. Here’s one problem. Only one person who they knew she was connected with that fit that description but considering what happened between them, she’s be lucky if she didn’t get the door slammed in her face.

Now, I’m not trying to be all harsh on Jenny but she was a total jerk on how she did Owen. Owen is your typical nerd turn Doc McDreamy except everyone knows it but him. He’s got everything going for him, the looks, the brains and a great company but isn’t really happy. On the surface, yes but internally no. Having to grow up not feeling a part of his family and spending his life trying to gain acceptance is tough but then getting burned by every relationship doesn’t help either. So when Jenny came marching through his door with her fake invitation, you could only image what was going through his mind. You’ll have to read to get the 411 on their history but all you need to know is she broke his heart. 

Now, put yourself in his shoes, the gal that broke your heart, comes to you to ask if you can be her pretend boyfriend? I don’t think so but he agrees and the lines get very blurred. What’s real? What’s fake? Not only that but her past (confronting that loser who left her as a single mother) and his past (finding out some major secret that changes everything for him) come into play and make things get a bit complicated and confusing. Not only does this fake engagement have real implications but can they convince themselves that it is really only pretend? Well, you’ll have to dive in and find out!

The book overall was a fun read. At first I was like, fake engagement? This is going to be so predictable but surprisingly it wasn’t. Their story was engaging and addicting and the plot really unraveled with detours and surprises that will definitely keep the reader wanting more. I loved how she explored the relationship dynamic between the characters, whether it’s or familial, friendships or love interest. This allowed the reader to connect with the characters and feel a part of what was happening and fall in love with the book. Make sure you add this fun one to your TBR pile. 

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