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Review: Revelry by Kandi Steiner

I purchased this book without reading the summary. I had read previous books by the same author, and I really enjoy her works. She is a good writer and creates brilliant flawed characters and romances. And just like all of her books, I would recommend this one. One thing that I enjoy about Kandi Steiner’s books is that they feel new and exciting. They generate emotion and are not forgettable.

Revelry was a good book; however, it does not live up to its predecessors. It’s a forgettable book, and a big part of that is because it felt familiar.

Recently divorced, Wren leaves city life to attempt to find herself in a small mountain town. She meets kind people as well as a broody mysterious man. The two are draw together and eventually start to develop feelings. They also begin to trust each other enough to reveal their past to each other. There’s some added drama to keep the story moving and even a few emotional moments.

I feel like this premise has been done several times in New Adult fiction. And because of this it felt predictable and this novel didn’t really stand out. The author did not add any new threads to this tiring narrative.

Another issue I had is that there was a lot of telling rather than showing. What I mean is that conversations between characters were summarized instead of the reader getting to experience those conversations take place.

I did think that the pacing was nice. It never felt like it dragged on, or moved too fast. Another thing I enjoyed is that it was interesting although this story had been told many times before. I was never bored.


Both Wren and Anderson felt familiar. I had seen these types of characters before in many other books. However, they were enjoyable and likeable. Both had their own issues that they were dealing with, and it was great to see them come out on top.

I did enjoy that they both communicated well with each other. Miscommunication was not a big issue for them. And they also had great chemistry and were cute together. While reading, I never thought that these two characters didn’t belong together.

There were a lot of supporting characters. I wish that they stood out more. They were very prominent in Wren and Anderson’s journey; however, they seemed to fade in the background in the book. They were forgettable.

Wren and Anderson spend a lot of time speaking about the past, and it left little room for the future to be discussed. The moving on aspect was lost because they were both trapped in the past. They did eventually develop, but it was close to the end.

Final Analysis  

Revelry is a good read, but if you’re looking for something new and fresh it doesn’t deliver.

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