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Review: Ninja Girl by Cookie O’Gorman

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This was a decent book. It definitely had its cute and innocent moments.  The pacing was nicely done, and it was a quick read. It seemed like a story that would be adapted as a Disney Channel Original Movie. The plot of the book is that a regular girl becomes a bodyguard for a politician’s son after his family receives threatening letters.

However, it would have be tamed a little. It leaned more towards PG-13 at times. It does include several clichés but they are not too overwhelming or frustrating.

The book does sway away from the main plot and tries to develop subplots. But that does not really work, and in the end ends up lessen the main plot and it doesn’t seem as grand as it should be. The other plot points feel unnecessary. For example, the whole pretend dating someone to make the other party jealous plot, is over used and did not fit in this story.


The characters were decent. However, at times they did feel immature. It was a little frustrating that most of the characters were unaware that girls could do certain things. There were many times where Snow or the other characters made comments like “I/she may be a girl but she/I can do…”

Snow was an amazing fighter, and that was interesting to read. There are very few YA books where the female saves the male, so it that was great to see displayed in this book. Ash was a little annoying at times.

There were several instances in the book where Snow would do the smallest thing, and Ash would think “I’m so turned on” or “that’s so hot.” For example, he held her hair while she was puking in a dark alley and was instantly turned on. Also, his nickname for her got old extremely fast. It was worth mentioning, that he was a good and sweet guy.

The romance between the two were cute. And I really enjoyed the banter between the two. I do wish that the bodyguard/client relationship would have been explored more. There were really few scenes with Snow actually being his bodyguard. They usually talked about her job.

Also, the romance did not feel super instalove. Yes, they were immediately attracted to each other and developed crushes fast. However, it was still very much a blossoming relationship.  

Final Analysis

Ninja Girl isn’t a bad book. The characters are interesting enough to keep reading, and the clichés won’t give you a headache.

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