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Review: Can't Fight This Feeling by Miranda Liasson

I'm always on the edge of my seat when I finish reading the start of a series that I absolutely love, anticipating the second book, just hoping to meet my high expectations. Well, I'm so excited that Can't Stop This Feeling, the second book in Miranda Liasson's Spikonos series kept that awesomeness going with us diving more in the quirky Maggie and that delicious Drew.

I'm on the fence with telling you that this could be a stand alone. I guess it could but you wouldn't get everything you need that would appreciate it as much as you would've had you read the first book. For those of you who are new to the series, Maggie is definitely a one of a kind personality. As much as Maggie says she wants to move on, the one person that truly will always make her heart skip a beat is her late husband, who tragically died. She is making it through life with her young son but definitely could use a little love to brighten her days. There hasn't been anyone that came close to even igniting a spark until that rugged billionaire Drew came to town and changed her outlook from single lady to potential future.

Drew has had his share of heart break. First his brother gets involved with his girlfriend and then his father convinces him for the sake of business to get involved with a gal that wasn't right for him, he goes AWOL and ends up laying low trying to piece his life together. Seeing Maggie as only a friend, by the way who is also friends with his brother and his wife, needs a date to his brother's wedding. This is the brother who is getting married to his former love. So, you know that will be definitely awkward. Seeing that she has a calming way about her, invites her to an opportunity to be sort of mediator/date to keep the family calm. Maggie, being a psychologist, has a great way of putting people at ease which to Drew's surprise has an effect on him.

As the family drama unravels, Maggie and Drew find their broken hearts bonding in ways that neither one of them would've thought of. Drew doesn't exactly trust women and Maggie well, wants love but is afraid to jump in too deep. They say some people come into your life for a reason, will this two mend each other's broken hearts? I know the answer but I will let you enjoy the journal to find out.

Overall, Can't Fight This Feeling is just simply awesome. Miranda is such an awesome author who knows how to tell a story well. For this book in particular, I love second chance romances but both these characters had deep rooted pain that their journey was so compelling to follow. I love how she gets to their core but more important have struggles that will resonate with her readers. I love how these two were paired together because they both had stories that needed to be told. 

We always see women getting cheated on but here's a guy who got his heart broken that left him unable to trust. We see his pain and  his walls come down to not let their fear get in the way of trying to love. Maggie, who has a child and lost her husband, not seeing that there there is so much more of life to live and true love is possible, a second time around. She'd rather find someone that she can't really love because it is too painful but seeing her break down her walls to see her pain dissipate is something many women can connect with. The guilt of letting go and letting love in, really makes you find excited for her life transition.

I love how there is an authenticity to their relationships and find them to easy to connect with. You can't help but fall in love with them and want to know what's going to happen next. I have to say towards the end I thought the book was going to go another way but was very satisfied with the hea. I can't help raving about Miranda and this book. I'm excited to see what comes next. I definitely recommend if you haven't read the first book, grab it and then read this one. 

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