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Review: The Foxe & The Hound by R.S. Grey

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R.S. Grey’s books tend to all follow the same formula. The romantic leads tend to lean more towards enemies than friends during the first half, and then events or coincidences (i.e. running into each other a lot, working at the same doctor’s office, etc.…) cause the two individuals to see each other in a new light.

There is a lot of sexual tension, banter, and even a sprinkle of sex in an unconventional place thrown in. The book ends with a nicely tied red bow and sometimes even features a time jump with a glimpse of the lead’s new life together. Spoiler Alert: they are still super in love and there might even be wedding talk.

Although this book was entertaining, it definitely followed the R.S. Grey’s book writing formula. The characters had different occupations; however, too many things felt familiar. The familiarity was both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, I enjoyed the book because she does the enemies-to-lovers trope very well and she writes excellent banter. It was funny, and the romance was actually super cute. It’s a quick read, and it is almost entirely angst free.

However, on the other hand, it would be nice to experience something fresh from this author. Her books are beginning to blend together and her main characters are starting to feel unoriginal. It makes it hard to want to continue to read because you already know how the story is going to turn out.


There is not really much to discuss about the characters. They’re a little unforgettable and seem too familiar. It is worth mentioning that they are likeable characters.

I will say that Madeleine’s background was seriously lacking. I don’t think it was ever truly explained why she is a Real Estate agent. She said she enjoyed her job, but it was never fully explained why she graduated college and chose that specific career when I don’t believe that was her beginning goal.

Final Analysis

The Foxe & the Hound is a good book, but it’s a book that R.S. Grey has written many times before. It does have a good romance and nice humor, but is frustrating because of the lack of unoriginality, and it isn’t something that truly stands out.

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