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Review: Groupie by Susan Daugherty

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Groupie is the first book in a dual series featuring a rock star romance. I usually don't venture in this area because sometimes this genre tends to veer on the predictable side but I decided to give it a chance. It actually was better than my initial expectation but I will say that I was very disappointed to be left dangling on the cliff. I'm definitely looking forward to see where Muse leads us with Lex and Jack but until then I'll give you my thoughts on Groupie.

One night, Lexi Travis goes out with her best friend, Ashley to see country star Jack Morgan. Ironically, as much as she loves country, she can't stand Jack. She feels he's the stereotypical star that you see these days. You know, the one that completely abandoned real music that is your shallow player type that sings degrading music with no depth. Not just that but the kind of musician that loves and thrives off the lifestyle of being surrounded by “groupies.”

Well, while they were at the concert on their way out, a bunch a fans decided to surround him on stage bringing chaos and a near death experience. Lucky for him it wasn't fatal but in his need of medical treatment, out of all people that get assigned to him, guess who gets the lucky prize of getting to treat him. No other than his biggest fan, Lexi. Not!

So, you know in the course of his getting treatment, he's not exactly scoring brownie points with her pour on his charm, laying it on thick. She's not having it at all. Little does she know, she's making quite the impression on him. Mostly because when you're a rockstar like him, you're surrounded by the same type of woman. For once, there's something different, special about Lexi that grabs his attention but the feeling is definitely not mutual. She was definitely not looking for love, actually just the thought just crippled any possibility of any mutual attraction.

Now if this was any other person, they would've died for the chance to give him one on one treatment but due to obligations to fulfill his tour, Jack is going to need a bit more medical assistance than anticipated. The only way that can happen is if Lexi joins him on tour. She's not exactly jumping for joy but she's the only person he trusts with his care and pressure from her supervisors for the benefits of working with a VIP client. Reluctant, she agrees but doesn't realize how much this journey will shape both their lives.

You know what happens when you are stuck in close quarters with someone. You are going to love them or hate them. The minute she said yes, she opened the door to a world she never expected nor anticipated. When you judge a person and then see they are opposite, whether you like it or not, your walls come down and they grow on you. Trying to stay professional, she found the line slowly blurring and signals becoming stronger to resist.

As they get to know each other personally and professionally, life has a way of bringing people together for a reason. Will she break down her walls of fear to take a chance? Or will she allow outside obstacles to stand in the way of what could be her meant to be? Oh, you will have to read it to find out!

I don't know about you but it's nice to read a book that is slow in the romance area. Not slow boring but slow in a way that made you have something to look forward to. That is what I really appreciate about this book because you got to see the relationship develop between them. Not just them but the other characters naturally complement each other giving the reader such a warm, fun experience. You experience their transformation and go through the ups and downs like a real relationship. I really felt like I was in the moment with them. I can't say to much without venturing into spoiler territory but I'm on the edge with them needing to know which direction this is going to go because where the book ends I'm well, if you read the book you will understand but if not, you'll see. As of this moment, I'm not sure where these two will end up but I know that I'm about to dive into Muse to find out.

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