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Review: Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis

What better way to enjoy the holiday season than reading a story that just warms you right up. Not to mention, but reading a Jill Shalvis novel? At the current moment I'm in a happy place and so looking forward to the next Heartbreaker Bay Novel but in the meantime, let's chat about Chasing Christmas Eve.

So, Chasing Christmas Eve, definitely can be read as a standalone novel. What I loved about this book was that people are forever putting a time frame on when you fall in love. What some people don't get is that you can meet someone and everything being aligned perfectly. Just because you just met someone, doesn't mean that the heart doesn't know what it wants. With that said, I was like, can love really happen in in a short amount of time?

Colbie Albright is on the run from her life. She is the definite the people pleaser and nurturer that everyone depends on and expects everything from. On top of being a bestselling author, she literally can't breathe in her life and needs a break. She decided to runaway from her life and go wherever as long as it was far away. Finding herself in San Francisco, on her way to her hotel, gets knocked over into a fountain and but all dramatics gets rescued by the handsome gentleman, Spence Baldwin.

Spence is running from a few things of his own. Smart and successful found his life turned upside down when a so called friend did an interview that was more like an expose that has made him the most sought after person. This has led him to keep a low profile and be very secretive. He really hasn't opened up to anyone excerpt those who he trust around him but when he encountered Colbie, there was something about her that captured his interest and wanted to be near her. Not only was she beautiful but everything about her seemed perfect. Unsure of who she was or why she was there, there was a magnetism to her that he couldn't let go of.

This is the first girl that captured something worth going after but he's got one problem. The last girl he had, he ruined what could've been. Now, here's a chance of something great with possibly the girl of dreams but she is only there for a couple of weeks. Is it possible that two people can be destined to meet?

I really loved the characters especially Colbie. I love seeing someone who takes care of everyone but herself opening up to someone willing to take care of them. That revelation to embrace always feels so good seeing that character transition when they're able to break down their inner struggles of what cripples them.

What really was heart pulling was the familial aspects of the book. In so many families you find a Colbie. In many situations people like her leave and never turn back. It is really damaging to a person where it cripples who they are because they internalized guilt for living for them which she loses herself. It was such a pivotal moment when she finally got the courage to say enough and they learned how to do things on their own. The strength she gained to be herself and know that she can live her life without guilt.

People like Spence, who had a chance for something great but let it slip out of your hands. Many times people like that give up but he was able to open his heart to let love in really made you want to root for him for a second chance at potential love.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. This is my first book to kick off the holidays and I'm so happy that I dove right in with a Jill Shalvis novel. She always knows how to make the reader feel good.The temperature at times rose a little in the book but definitely keep things interesting.The book wrapped up nicely transitioning into the next installment in the series. Jill definitely did what she does well, makes your heart smile with a story to fall in love with.

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