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Review: Milk and Vine by Adam Gasiewski and Emily Beck

I missed the Vine craze a couple of years ago. I never downloaded the app, however, I was fully aware that people were obsessed with the short form video hosting app. I didn’t know how obsessed until Vine announced that it was shutting down. People went insane; and it was hard to even scroll through Twitter without seeing a list of someone’s favorite vines.

Vine eventually shut down in January of 2017. And like those do in mourning, people had thousands of compilations of the most popular vines. A couple of months ago, I finally got around to watching some. And I finally was able to get some references that those around me kept mentioning.

Milk and Vine is a parody of the popular poetry book Milk and Honey. Whereas Milk and Honey deals with dark and empowering tones, Milk and Vine is light and aims to be humorous.

It is a tribute to the short lived app. It features several of the most popular vines. There were a few references that I did get and chuckled because it was funny. But there were a few that I didn’t get, and I had a confused look on my face.

This is not anything serious, and there is not any underlying meaning to this book.  But it is a book that any vine level could potentially enjoy.  I will admit that the Youtube tributes are a little better. Actually seeing the material play out, is much better than reading it in modern poetic form.  

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