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Review: The Boy at the Keyhole by Stephen Giles

Have you ever read a book where you are checking to see if there are any pages missing? After reading the last few chapters, hoping to get a definitive conclusion to what happened, I'm left with a

The story between Samuel and Ruth built up to have hopefully a definitive conclusion but then it flatlined. The story seemed much along the way implied though their pov. Even though the plot was interesting, I really hoped for more to push the book where it could've gone as a great page turner. As speculation whether Ruth killed his mother overshadowed the book, I wish the ending could've elevated that suspense climb in the book.

The dynamics that led to Samuel's mother disappearance and the sequence of events that led to uncover a trail of perceived guilt of Ruth kept me going to want to get an answer. That psychological teeter totter between him and Ruth gave the book a little edge to push it along but there were many loose ends that could've made it a bit tighter. Overall, the plot had a great promise that kept me wanting to read but took my satisfaction away in the end leaving me a bit frustrated.

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