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Review: Arrogant Devil By R.S. Grey

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I am beginning to find that all of R.S. Grey’s book feature quite similar formulas. It has a somewhat emotionally unavailable man. And a woman who desperate needs a job. Arrogant Devil was not any different.

Meredith escapes to Texas and ends up on the doorsteps of Blue Stone Ranch looking for a job. Reluctantly, the owner, Jack McKnight gives her a job. Unfortunately for her, he is not the easiest person to work for.

Arrogant Devil is not a stand out novel by R.S. Grey. It was an easy read, but simply okay. I didn’t love it. The plot is something that has been done multiple times. And unfortunately, this rendition of it does not add anything exciting or fresh.


Meredith was likable main character. She was in a terrible situation when the book began and as it continued it was interesting to see how her mindset changed. Especially, after all that she’s been through.

The biggest issue that I had with all of the other characters is the way that they treated Meredith. Before Meredith had even arrived at Blue Stone Ranch, her half-sister, Helen, had informed Jack that she was a spoiled woman. Helen and Meredith had a strained relationship and barely even talked. So her interpretation was based on assumptions due to Meredith’s “lavish” lifestyle.

Because of Helen’s assumption, Jack treated Meredith very poorly in the beginning. And even after meeting her and spending time with her, he still had this mindset that she was an awful person.  I took issue to this. Meredith escaped an abusive relationship and was attempting to make it on her own. She was always kind and did not deserve any of the treatment that she was subjected to.

I will admit that because of Jack’s unnecessarily harsh treatment of Meredith I was not completely sold on their romantic relationship.

Final Analysis

Arrogant Devil felt very familiar and unfortunately, it does not add anything new to the table. The main character was extremely likable, but somehow the male lead’s rude behavior overshadowed the romance.  

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