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Review: The Chase by Elle Kennedy

This is not necessarily a bad book. However, I would not classify it as a great book. It is somewhere in-between. The Chase did enough to keep me interested; but it was missing something and I am not sure what.

The Chase centers on Summer and Fritz.  After being kicked out of her college, Summer transfers to Briar U. And because of the circumstances of her expulsion, she is forced to live with a few of her older brother’s friends. And one of her new roommates happens to be Colin Fitzgerald- someone she has had a crush on for a while.

Like mentioned prior, this book felt a little flat. It checked all of the boxes, but still after reading it, it feels a little unforgettable. It is hard to describe it, but it also felt as if it was going through the motions and trying to cross the finish line.


The book is told in both Summer and Fitz’s POV. Both likeable characters. I didn’t feel a strong connection to either characters, but I appreciate the depth that Kennedy attempted to create with both. Although Summer had this seemingly perfect lifestyle, she was internally struggling and felt a little lost.  

Summer and Fitz did have chemistry. But I found myself much more interested in the relationships of side characters then I was in their relationship.

Final Analysis

The Chase is the definition of having all the right ingredients but still missing a little extra something.

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