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Review: A to Z Great Film Directors by Andy Touhy with Matt Glasby

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A to Z Great Film Directors is an informative and entertaining guide to the world’s great film directors. I enjoyed myself while reading and it was very hard to put it down. This book would provide good questions for the entertainment section of a trivia party.

The guides features directors like Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, and many more. It provides a brief background, summary of their work, and fun trivia about them. The information provided is not overwhelming. It is sort of like the SparkNotes version. The most important information is presented, any other information will warrant more research.

Before reading, I only knew of a few directors. But after reading, I found that there were a lot of directors I was familiar with their work. For example, John Carpenter who directed Halloween. I knew of the movie, but not of him.

A to Z Great Film Directors was aesthetically pleasing. It has a combination of artwork and photography from the directors’ films.

Final Analysis

A to Z Great Film Directors is a great beginner’s guide to the great directors. It is easy to read and will provide an introduction to those directors.

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